Launch of Yo'd Mek a Parson Swear...Again! yesterday.

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It was the new book launch yesterday and it was gratifying to see so mnay people come and join me. I am often asked if these are true tales of my life and in the 2nd book there is a story of getting my very first new coat. I went with a friend on the Saturday morning and finally chose a white one!!!!...more, I could not wait to wear it and C&A bagged up my old one. We crossed over to Woolworths and I bought a pair of red dice dangling earrings. Convinced the whole world was lloking at me and admiring my new coat I went to cross the road again and the pair of us got bowled over by a motor bike. White coat...motor bike? No contest. At the launch yesterday who should turn up but my coat buying friend Pat Newman whom I have not seen these last 20 yrs. It was a wonderful reunion.

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it was you was it! you really should take more care, I nearly fell off you know! lol Glad launch etc went ok, I still get a letter yearly from the public lending rights or whatever re the loan out from libraries of my book, funny, they always say same thing, (royalties due this year £0.00) lol

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