Michael Jackson dead

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The difference between Michael Jackson and Alex Ferguson is, Alex will be playing GIGGS this year



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Rumours abound that, as MJ is 99.9% Plastic (surgery), he won't be cremated, but, instead, he will be melted down and made into LEGO bricks,................. so that the kids can play with him for A CHANGE! !laughing!

......As Rog said.......sorry.....

P.S. There's plenty more

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Paramedics attending MJ this morning were concerned about the basics......




Not to worry, it's as easy as ABC,123........

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Just been on another forum where Admin deleted the topic on MJ because the posts were getting that nasty...half taking the mick...and half doing the whole Princess Di bit...there were nearly death threats... :biggrin:

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Last I heard we will have to wait for up to 6 weeks for a Post Mortem Result?

Based on my experience, In the case of a Heart attack the effects are detected at the P.M.

They will be waiting for Toxicology results, Though I would be suprised if due to the world public interest,

that the LA Coronor does not order them to be fast tracked. (If that is possible with this type of analysis).

Jokes asside, He was one of the greatest artists of my Era, until later years.

A sad character in his later years. Robbed of his childhood, and constantly trying to recover same.

Victim or Villain? Left himself wide open to exploitation perhaps.

As I type this: News report, LA coroner stated it could be some weeks befor PM results are known.

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Just to put my point of view to this discussion. Michael Jackson was a brilliant singer/dancer and i loved his music. As for being a peodo i never will believe that. For a start anybody who was abused as a child would never put any other kid through the same thing, and as for him sharing his bed with children its because he was like a child himself and i think very mis understood! And it is only peoples dirty minds that think it is anything else!

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Chrissy, Jackson was abused as a child as a money making exercise by his father, but it wasn't in a sexual sense, or so we are told.

Dirty minds!!!!, thank you very much, I've worked with kids as a Scout Leader, Youth Leader and school helper, I've spent the last 20 years working with children and looking after kids of my own. When you're a 40 year old peadophile pervert like Jackson was at the time, you don't sleep with kids because you want to be one of them. I took your side at the time, I was prepared to accept he was simply a wierdo, but when he paid £32 million to the parents of the 'abused' children in order for them to keep their gobs shut, thats when alarm bells started ringing.

Jackson got away with it because the establishment were determined to bend over backwards to protect his backside, 'Ooh, suits you sir'.

With Gary Glitter, it was a different story, a sad old man with no international fame, he rightly got his just deserts, but had he got Jacksons credentials, it might have been a different story.

Incidentally, where is Glitter now?

Sorry Beefsteak, I couldn't be arsed to look those facts up on Wiki as you obviously did, it came off the top of my head, but then you get the gist.

Ashley, listen to The Beatles White Album with the treble turned off and the bass turned up and please explain to me why you think that MaCartney is a crap bass player, do you play yourself.

I eventually turned the radio off yesterday, because I couldn't stand it anymore and just played CD's of real American Heroes, Johnny Cash, remember him, Jimi Hendrix, Jeff Buckley, couldn't manage Elvis as my stuff is on Vinyl.

This business with Jackson is getting out of hand, I wish they'd bury him and be done with it, at least it's not affecting Glastonbury as much as the media would like.

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For a start anybody who was abused as a child would never put any other kid through the same thing.

Sorry Chrissy but that is so mistaken...it's a fact that abuse suffered as a child be it sexual or physical makes it MORE likely that the behaviour will be repeated in adult life.There are thousands of documented cases out there.

The same as the majority of serial killers have been found to be cruel to animals and other kids in their childhood.

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Even when he's buried there will still be all the nighttime vigils over his grave....the pilgrimages every birthday and anniversary....and like Charlie Chaplain...I bet someone tries to steal the body.

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Was never sure what to make of MJ and being accused of child abuse. Whatever the case may be he was a very sad person leading a very sad, unreal life, and yes his jump to stardom and all that entailed had to have an effect..... look at most child stars and see them as adults - mostly a mess.

I really feel for his so called kids (quite obviously no true relation to him despite what some may think) but they are going to be really looked upon now aren't they? And think of the stories that are going to come out!

He will be worth more dead than alive just like Elvis.

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...I bet someone tries to steal the body.

A bit like Gram Parsons, I can't see MJ being cremated by his mates under the Joshua Tree though, his close pals would be too young to be sold matches, let alone petrol.

I had a good blast of 'Sweetheart of the Rodeo' yesterday as well, all those brilliant dead American musicians that never got the credit or publicity that they deserved, eh.

I wasn't impressed when BBC2 took Glastonbury off for another bloody tribute last night, it overran for 20 minutes as well, at least I was able to flick around BBC4 and the red button and avoid it, though I wasn't too sure about Neil Young, he hasn't grown old gracefully, lets see what his old pals Crosby Stills and Nash do tonight, though I saw Stephen Stills on Jools Holland a few months back and I'm not too sure about how he's going to perform.

Looking forwards to seeing 'The Boss' though.

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Being new on here I must admit I am shocked at the posts.

Has nobody ever been taught respect for the dead?

Will not bother returning...this is just horrible.

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Georgygirl...Every forum I go on has had a similar thread to this on MJ...The rich and powerful eccentrics of this world always attract sick humour..be it on here or in the local pub...usually within hours of their demise..Steve Irwin for example.

Some people have that type of humour,if it's not your cup of tea...then ignore it.There's no need to go over the top because you don't agree with what other folks find amusing.

I think you would find that these same people would be shocked and upset at say a lollipop lady being run over.But the super celebs of this world attract the publicity and derision when they suffer misfortune.

As I said every forum I've been on has had similar posts to yours expressing outrage at the gags..they seem to take it personally...When Princess Di died I couldn't have cared less...I didn't know the woman, although it was a shame a woman died in her prime.

My local landlady closed the pub for two nights and wore black for a month which I found hilarious.If it had been a relative of hers I would have understood.

If somebody says something you don't like ...tell 'em..don't take it to heart...we all think differently,that's human nature.

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That's what I did, I told them, and I do know what you mean, but I just think it is the lowest form of wit when people resort to disrespecting the dead, after all it's not as iff they can stick up for themselves.

I have been on several forums, and to be quite honest, this was the worst I have seen, which really shocked me.

I also run a forum, and I would not be able to do this, it is just too base, too low in my opinion.

Sad though, I enjoyed this forum up till now, some really nice and decent people here.

thanks to those people by the way...Georgygirl.

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Who said Paul McCartney was a crap bass player? certainly not me! (should have gone to specsavers!)

Sorry Ashley, you're right, I do need to go to specsavers, I've lost my computer glasses and these reading glasses are too strong, seriously!

The real reason for reading it wrongly is that my brain is becoming addled by all this Jackson hype, I'm getting really sick of it.

Thank God he snuffed it just prior to Gastonbury weekend, plenty of good stuff on there to show us what we won't be missing, I was not impressed though when BBC2 missed out the first part of Springsteens performance due to another poxy Jackson tribute programme, how many do we need to suffer.

I did hear that the fabled 50 date Jackson comeback concerts, each one lasting 2 hours were only going to feature actual live performances by him for 5 minutes per show, the rest being fill ins. I reckon if he'd been alive and watched Springsteen giving his full out awsome best for 2 hours 42 minutes last night, at the age of nealy 60, MJ would have called his concerts off and stayed at home in bed with his young pals.

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Georgy Girl

You've obviously been living in North America for too long and forgotten how cynical the Great British Public can be.

My missus works in the finance dept at a local haulage company, when she arrived on Friday, the mobile phones didn't stop bleeping all day, it was the majority of the workforce recieving and sending these jokes about MJ, all of which have now appeared on this thread. She is quite convinced that, knowing it could make them a lot of money, that the whole thing was sparked off by Orange and Vodaphone, she could be right, who knows.

The problem is, the media are milking Jacksons death for all it's worth. On friday we were being told it was going to cast a giant shadow over Glastonbury, has it, no way, I doubt whether most of the music fans could give a toss, certainly the performers haven't been sobbing and weeping on stage, it only seems to be the presenters that make the odd mention.

The public groundswell here seems to be equally unmoved, ''Michael Jackson, wasn't he that guy who made a film about a zombie about 20 years ago''. The only brow beating comes from the fanatical fans and the media, and those who foolishly spent a fortune on concert tickets.

We're not easily fooled, MJ was a wierdo has been, who mistreated his alleged own kids, got away with molesting others and turned his back on his ethnic roots by trying to became a white monster, please, how can we have respect for that sort of behaviour.

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See they've called for a 2nd Autopsy....found something none plastic...needs to be tested again.

Ok ill shut up on this now....C'mon we've all been thinkin it....sure MJ had a sense of humour.....When he was allowed one.

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