Bramcote Hills Golf - housing application

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At the moment the application is just to seek consent for the principle of housing development, the style, number & positioning within the site are all "reserved" for a future detailed full application.

The Golf course has been there for some 30 years and occupies what is otherwise difficult land to utilise. It used to be horse pasture. If the car park is built on - with anything, it would make the golf course land unviable for almost any use - unless future access is allowed on Deddington Lane.

The land has been protected for almost 30 years, it is not 'green belt' but is set aside and protected for its open nature and that it separates most of Bramcote from the city which helps preserve Bramcote as a community rather than being joined up with the city.

The owner of the golf club latterly leased the land to a tenant operatr who was unable to make it pay - but in my opinion there was very little effort to develop the business. The site office has been 'let go', with poor bricking up of a door, not welcoming at all. I have not seen any attempt to sell the business as is.

It will be a shame if the openness of the site is lost but I fear if the car park is taken any future planning or use of the land will be compromised.

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I have to admit that I hadn't noticed this thread.

I note who the agents are, Savilles, like Strutt and Parker, the gentries land agents, who use their power, influence and money to get what they want. It's interesting to read some of their reasons for developing this land, ie it's a bolt hole for 'Unscrupulous' criminals, sounds a bit like the Victorian pot calling the kettle black.

No doubt that this is a taster towards developing the whole site for housing.

'Oh dear, theres no car park available for the golf course and for some reason the planners won't give planning permission for a new access off Thoresby Road'. I've heard it all before, I bet the owner has agreed to pay Savilles a percentage of a possible, probably inevitable deal, thats the only way he can afford to employ them.

I've had the misfortune to have been involved proffesionally with both Savilles and Strutts, you can't believe what a devious, evil bunch of Etonian inbreds they truly are, you'll not believe the lengths to which these people go to in order to get their own way, telling them to f### off up their own backsides at a site meeting, when they knew that they were trying to use their slimey, manipulative powers was a triumph, but thats another story.

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Just heard that Broxtowe have refused planning permission due to:

1: The proposal is against the Local Plan

2: There has been no survey to show existing mature trees will not be harmed

3: The existing Golf Course will not have any car park resulting in on street parking if it reopens.

Nice one!

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