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Hi Everyone,

The problem at my age is that there is too much to do and now with a couple of great grandchildren added, the time to sit and write is limited.

My introduction to the school was walking down the yard in my new uniform only to be soaked from the cloakroom above. How the memories stick and that cap, it stayed with you forever, gradually shrinking to the back of ones head only. It was used for everything including games. I do recall one winter when I had not been at the school long and the older children had built a huge slide in the lower playground. I joined the line, ran onto the slide and part way down fell or was pushed by older boys. My head hit the ground and soon my left eye brow had swollen over my eye. I was rushed to the Eye Infirmary in town and went home that night with my cap perched on a bandaged head with only one good eye.

Cheers for now.

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How memories come flooding back !  Music with Mrs Jackson ( Lorna ) whose husband took PE at my former school Claremont.

The school annual speech day concert based on Gilbert & Sullivan music. A little ditty we sang in music to the tune “ I wish I was in Dixie”

continued with the line “ flicking peas at lorna,s bottom look away look away”.  Terrible boys.  The long flight of stairs up to the staff room.

The outside loos brings the nowday saying of chill out more meaningful The trudge down to the Mission Hall for PT.

Also remember the experiment of some of the teachers going to see if the Locarno lunch time Rook and Roll sessions were suitable for us students. They deamed it NOT.    See what effect “dat  rock and roll music” had on us all! 

Can anybody remember Achie Wyatt and his teddy boy/ Tony Curtis haircut? 

Well that’s about it for the moment — Have a very good Christmas 


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Paul, I suppose if the teachers had decided that the Locarno WAS a suitable place for the students, then they (the students)  wouldn't have gone!

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A lot of teachers frequented The Old Bell pub on Angel Row which they obviously found suitable but that didn’t seem to prevent pupils from drinking ( later on in life though)

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