Nottingham Technical School for Textile Trades

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On 10/19/2018 at 6:13 PM, Paul Dilley said:

First of all let me thank and congratulate all the contributors so far.

I was at the school in the same class and year as Ian and Jenny along with Peter Walker, Ian Hayward, Bob Powell, Pete Barton,

John Fleming John Moss etc 

Cant remember many girls names except Barbara Burton and her mate Christine  ( must admit I was I luv with Barbara - even if it only lasted a weekend) 

My favourite teacher was our form master Mr G A Stamper ( Jack ).      Hope this helps to jog memories.

You were in the same year as Dave Gillham and Dave Newstead who became a headmaster before he died some years ago, you were in a year above me but I rememmber you lived in Sherwood at the time and I was from Arnold, I left in 1960 and worked at I& R Morely in daybrook untilit moved to Heanor which was on the othe side of the moon as far as I was concerned so I went to the NCB as an apprentice fitter and then moved to a company that made mining machinerry and worked all over the world as an overseas service engineer then ended up as a shift engineer at British Gypsum in Barrow on Soar then left to join PDM at stoke bardolph till I took early retirement 9 years ago. now almost 77 and loving retirement 

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Hi Everyone, The problem at my age is that there is too much to do and now with a couple of great grandchildren added, the time to sit and write is limited. My introduction to the school was

I attended that Textile School on Bath Street in Nottingham from1958-61 when it closed down.........Miss Noris was the headmistress and there was Mr Kerry, Mr Deardan, Mr Rogers, Mr Rippon, Mr Bamber.

Looking for something else, and stumbled on this forum. Not thought about the place for many, many years. I was pupil at the school from 1957 -61, and left with 3 'O' levels (not the most auspicious

Thanks for your info Roundhead.  You started in textiles same as Me I knew 

Morley’s at Heanor as my Grannie lived a bit further a field at Codnor

We both seemed to have been fortunate in our employment as I worked for  Bentley Cotton as service engineer, on installing knitting frames throughout Europe and Scandinavia. My first wife came from Barrow upon Soar 

What a small world what!

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On 12/29/2014 at 3:11 PM, Blondie said:

I went there 1958/61.....awful place



Blondie. I think we may have been in the same class. 3-1 Jack Stamper was the Form master 

I think the boys had a better time than you girls. Girls in my class Jenny Moore Christine Hall Barbara Burton and boys Ian Severn Ian Haywood Peter Walker Pete Barton Archie Wyatt

love to hear from you!

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@Paul Dilley  Blondie hasn't been on Nottstalgia for a couple of years so she may not see your comment....but I know she has connections with people here via Facebook, so you may get a reply eventually........

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