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This photo shows us probably in our second years, around 1961.

I recognise everyone on there, and remember the majority of their surnames..

Tony Paine is seated at the front and I am on the second row,

the teacher on the right is Joe Currah..


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I'm sure you are right. I also remember most of the names and often wonder what happened to every one.

Apart from seeing Arthur Clarke once in blue moon and corresponding with Tony L

Alan Hall and yourself I have not been in touch with anyone else

I've sent quite a few photographs to Mick of the old school etc for him to put on.

Take care

Kind regards


( Paine )

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Hi Tony...

Likewise I have not had much contact with many of the old aquaintances, other than yourself, Alan Hall, Brian Dennis, And Stu Downes..

Brian now lives in Yorkshire, and my old mate Stu lives on the Isle of Wight, I've spoke to him a couple of times on the phone, he seems ok..

it's nice you've saved all these old photo's, thanks for sharing them with us all.


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Would he be related to George Oldknow?? he was in my yr at TBS & also at Arkwright School,in fact I think I posted a photo on there & he was on it, did they come from a well known Meadows family Mick??

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Yeah George was definately younger than you Mick,about the same age as me in fact :lol:

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Mam was a friend of Mrs Currah, went to their house a couple of times times after Mr Currah had died, was there one day & Pot Leg Bill (Joe Baines) walked in (was after I'd left school) he recognised me & we yabbered, he asked what I was doing, he seemed pleased that I was doing a mining technology/craft day release course at Arnold & Carlton college. At least he didn't clout me, lol..

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