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Thanks for the date Tony, that should help some of our visitors. :)

The bars were bent in the corner, you could squeeze through to get to the tuffee shop. They probably still are bent. I must go back and have a look.

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I remember some of the kids on this photo. My year but not my form.

Tony Paine - you are extreme left on the middle row, next to the then undamaged Joseph Kehoe. Extreme right middle row is Joe Donegan (Woolmer Road).

I can also recognise Graham Glencross and John Rourke.

Of the girls - Diane Booth estreme right on front row. The twins - was their name Metherigham ?

I guess the class teacher was either Mr Attewell or Mr Griffin.

A long while ago.


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hi, To can remember a few faces bottom row 3rd from left is a girl I fancied her name was Michelle but I can,t remember her second name second on the right was a girl called Angela something she used to talk a lot and drive the teacher mad, the little girl wearing glasses 6th from right in the middle she was a very shy girl don,t know her name middle row second from the left is keith joshef then john rouke his mam used to keep the corner shop on the corner of bell street and orange street 4th one along is me don walker then graham glencross then 9th one along is a lad called dennis can,t remember his name he lived on bumbry street,, then on the end is joseph keyhoe I think he died just after this photo was taken .top row 5th from the left is glennis hubbard I used to pal out with for while un till her mother deemed that I was not good enough breeding stock.I remember it being taken it was the second sitting for that photo because when we first went out it started to rain and went darkish the teacher as Irecall was mr griffin.I will try to work out some more names. the tree behind the class was a holly tree ,and I climb up it to get to a thrushes nest but got copped by a teacher ! guess who by,,, yes you,ve guessd it miss slack!!!!!!

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hi, foxy I remember tony paine I used to be in the same class,, ,you go on to say the photo is before the damaged Joseph kehoe could you explain what you meant. I hope the guy is o.k now! I no longer live in Nottingham city , I an now residing in the vale of Bevoir just out side Grantham so I have lost touch with the meadows. I used to live on BELL STREEET. Best regards don walker.

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Joseph Kehoe had quite severe facial injuries after falling on a mountain slope when we were on school trip to Bellinzona, Switzerland in 1959.

Very happy memories of TB school and the meadows.

Kind regards,


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hi tony I had no idea about joseph ,, in 59 I moved to clifon, has the damage to his face repaired itself? I hope so. if you ever bump into him please give him my regards. I the lad in the middle row 4th from the left next to john rouke. Good memories of the meadows and TBJ.

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