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Great photos Mick unfortunately a little too old for me to remember.

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I have to admit that I am on this photo. I am the prat who decided to wear (or was forced to wear) his Trent Bridge blazer and cap.

The photo was taken by the Evening Post on the steps of Midland Station in August 1959. It is indeed a trip to Bellinzona in Switzerland and the line up (so far as I can remember) is as follows :

Front row left to right : Leslie Siddy (?), Terry Beech, me, Winston Raymond, David Hickling (dad kept the Plumptre Arms) and Roger Wilford,

Second Row : Irene Spencer, Michelle Brown, Janice Green, Tony Gleadall, Johnny Booth, Danny Allington, ?, ?,

Next Row : Ann Gillott, ?, Dave Baker, John Rourke, Joe Kehoe, Tony Paine,

Back Row teachers : Mr Attewell, Mrs Adlam and Mr Adlam. Miss Richards also went but she isn't on the photo.

The trip was memorable because Joe Kehoe ran down a mountain on an outing to the Italian border and fell off (true - honest). He was rushed by train to hospital - fortunately he had fallen on his head and was soon able to leave hospital and return to the Meadows. fully recovered apart from some fantastic facial scars

Dave Hickling caught tonsilitis and was injected in the bum, at night, by a priest (true - honestly - we stayed in a catholic boys school). Dave's screams attracted a bat which flew round and round the dormitory all night. He thought he was delirious, the rest of us assumed that Dracula had called to collect him.

Apart from that it was a quite normal holiday

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You have an excellent memory. I can recall Joseph K when he fell on the mountain. Had extensive suturing and when he discharged from the hospital covered in bangages. Can't remember Dave Hickling.

Do yoy recall that one of the teachers did some cine shots of us all and after the hols we were invited back to TB juniors to see the film ?

Mick if you read this -do you still have the photograph of the TB seniors trip to Germany I sent you-a lot of old boys on there.

Kind regards


Tony Paine

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