The Thurland Hall Pub

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The Thurland is now back on the market. Currently being run by a holding company who are based in wait for it...... Gibraltar. Not excatly local .

This seems to be the current trend with " for sale pubs" . I suppose its more atractive to sell a pub or buisness as a going concern as oppose to a run down pub covered in tin . The only down side to this is that these holding companies know very little if anything about the local community or in fact how to run a pub at all . The majority of the holding managers ive worked for have had very little expierence if any in the licenced trade.

Years ago the title of being a pub landlord or landlady was a very respected role. Lots of ex footballers, ex police or ex forces went into the trade . Sadly not the case these days

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One Ex cop 'Dodger' Green ran the Newmarket.

I looked inside The thurland the other week. Looked OK but no customers?

A shadow of its former self with the ornate bar and sliding door which was all ripped out.

Should have been a preservation order on it?

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Dodger Green, aka Tony green had a little yorkshire terrier when he had the Newmarket. The dog was a mascot at the time for Notts county.

I rememer the dog went missing around 1980 and local newspapers and television channels made appeals for its safe return. Not the friendliest of mine hosts but he ran the pub properly , and was respected . Dont think he would have the patience to do the job now though.

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Welcome aboard grintongrouce. As you'll find out from all the resources on here , many a pint was supped by various members in there over the years. I have absolutely no doubt whatsoever that you must have washed a pot or two of mine over time also ....LOL

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My wifes late mum , Kath , virtually ran the Thurland up until she took ill in the early 70s, though the landlord was a chap called Marlow.Then , lunchtimes had a mix of suits and shoppers .

Another landlord up till 92 was called Mick Coleman who was pal of my brothers . I'm wondering if this is the same Mick Coleman that got trapped in his pub for 5 days by snow recently ?

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post number 24 david!

#24 ha ha . thanks , I didn't see that post ......I see Mik is spelt differently to the one marooned in the snow , so maybe its a different one .

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