Celebs getting older?

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I don't know about that look at Ronnie Wood & Keith Richards

Alcoholism is an illness that many people can't be cured from, which is tragic for themselves and their families. Ann is correct when she states that Paul Gascoine has been given a lot of help before.

Phil Collins no longer retired comeback at 64. If he's hard up he could have come to me for a sub as we are practically family. According to Ancestry.co.uk --- my great aunt's husband's sister marr

Some people do age gracefully, without plastic surgery and all the other paraphenalia, here's Bruce Springsteen at 60, I'm not a die hard Springsteen fan, but his performance at Glastonbury was positively awesome, and he loved every minute of it too.


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The Duck Walk must be a bit difficult to achieve these days, or maybe not, it looks like he's in full flow, a living Legend, a source for the Beatles, but who remembers he's still going.

Elvis sold his soul, Chuck didn't.

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Good old Tommy, sold his rock and roll rebel soul even before Elvis did, but he was a manipulated product of the industry at the time. I can remember another big name in the UK in those days who was considered to be a rival, but can't recall his name, he was going to be the ultimate UK R & R hero but couldn't cope with the fame and had a mental breakdown, can anyone remember who he was, cos I can't.

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Prince Buster, or Buster Bloodvessel??

Sure Prince Buster was black ?

Classic picture of Raymond Burr portraying Burl Ives...

Back in the real Third World


Robt P.

It does look like him ...........but no , not Raymond Burr.

Give in ? Man in a suitcase - Richard Bradford


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If you saw him on Transatlantic Sessions on friday night, he looks even more decrepit these days, bloody brilliant performance though.

Did you see him at the Union then Mick, I'd like to hear about that.

I saw him in his 'Sweet Baby James' days at the Lincoln Folk Festival in 1971, when the girls swooned over his good looks, my girlfriend fancied him like hell, except that Joni Mitchell and Carole King were in the way then. He was such a miserable, mumbling sod though, thanks to the heroin. At one point he threatened to walk off stage because he objected to people, including me, trying to take photographs. Despite all that, his performance was incredible, I'll never forget him playing 'Apon the Roof' in his own inimitable style while the sun was setting behind him. Unfortunately for James, the Byrds came on afterwards and blew everyone away, trying to cope without Gram Parsons, they did one of the best live performances I ever saw. Roger Maguin bounced on stage and said 'Enough of this accoustic stuff, lets get into some electric West Coast rock and roll', they certainly did that, it was amazing.

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