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Happy Easter everyone. All NS's have understood this message. What about the ones who haven't? Sorry but hope they get caught, they're not being considerate to others who are staying in hoping their bit will help keep this virus at bay.

We have done our video calls to friends and relatives far and wide this morning so don't feel guilty at seeing and talking to them.

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I have been trying to post a video with a CV theme. its very funny but I just can't get it selected never mind posted.Dont know if I can even message it or email it to someone. will try but if not I can describe it to you or maybe not.

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Tried all ways Brew but it just won't select. I sent video to Lizzie by mail that's the only way I could do it. Thought Lizzie might ask CliffTon to try posting it. 

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I would prefer you not to quote my post @Brew

I do understand it a nostalgia site & we are dealing with an older generation, if it helps you remember what you are replying to, then so it be :crazy: 

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