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Can you remember 6 Across, used to play locally in the 60's

There were orange diamond shaped stickers with '6AX in city phone boxes etc.

Another group was Sons & Lovers.

Remember any more?

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B) Nowp don't recall them. Anyway what was you doing in phone boxes in the late 60s ?

:D Groups of the sixties around Derby & Notts

:D I do recall the group Sons & Lovers thou..

Found this memory for you mick...also a web site you can spend some time Nottstalging.....LOL


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I remember clockwork toys, colours of love ,carls fables,all played in the same era also the group I was bass player with Pink Harmony does anyone remember Pink Harmony and have any photos would love to hear from you

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I'm pretty sure we booked Six Across into the 360 Club in the late 60s.

Somewhere on another thread I put up a long list of groups from my 1969 diary.

But definitely either booked, or DJd alongside:

Clockwork Toys

Carl's Fables



Mosaic Sunset

Sons and Lovers

Pete and Billy Campbell and the Mighty Sparrows

and loads more.


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