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At least you don't have to figure out what these plates mean, britgal [me] and britchick [Zumba instructor]

As a lad, I went to Whipsnade. All that I saw was a dog. That was a Shih Tzu.

When I was a nipper I lived in Papplewick and my dad had a flat roofed office at the back of the house. I used to sit up there for hours watching planes taking off and landing (Vulcans aaahhh) with an

In about 1950, my Dad had a Standard 12 (I think) with the reg JAL 999. One day when we were travelling on a little road somewhere between Ollerton and Retford we met another car travelling in the opposite direction and it was JAL 998. We waved to each other and carried on. I suppose it wasn't such a huge coincidence as there weren't so many cars on the road way back then... It obviously made an impression on the 7 year old me though, as I could probably still find exactly where it happened on that road even now!

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A few months ago, I was driving through Colwick when I noticed that the car in front was an identical make and model as mine, with the same first two letters and numbers, except his reg ended HRN while mine was HRM. In other words his was registered at the same time as mine.

What was unusual is that both cars were first registered in Chelmsford, Essex.

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#82. Beeston Mick, we were travelling from Nottingham to visit relatives who lived in Beckingham or Wiseton (can't remember which one on that particular day) we travelled through Retford on the way, I think

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Beeston Mick and Catfan: My NSU 1200 cost me £15 from a scrapyard on Colwick Road (Near that famous scrap metal dealer, whose name just escapes me - Pownall's?). It cost me another £10 to put it through its MOT. A total of £25. I drove it for a year and then took it back to another scrap yard and got £10 for it. Not bad eh?! :)

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