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To be a member of this board, we require you to have a valid ISP. email address.

This means your email address allocated by the ISP that you access the internet from.

i.e. NTL Virgin BT etc.

If your email address is not up to date it means that:

You dont get notifications to replies posted to subscribed topics.

You dont get notifications of PM messages received.

You will not get urgent messages that we may send out.

You will not be kept up to date with site updates in case of problems.

**You dont get Emails sent via the board from other members.

(Note: Your email address is safe here you will only be contacted with urgent news.


so use the PM system unless you want them to know your email address.)

If your email address is currently a Yahoo Gmail or other throwaway email address,


Please check your email from the link below and change it if required.

Change Email Address


There is no reason for any of our members to hide behind proxy servers, None of our Core Members Do.

This is usually restricted to some Newbies.

There is no reason for any person to access this site via a server in Lithuania, unless you live in Lithuania.

Members who use proxies will have their accounts immediately suspended.

The above precautions will help prevent troublemakers registering on this site and make it a more

friendly place for genuine members.

I know all our genuine members will appreciate and conform with these new conditions.



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I've no idea if mine is a yahoo gmail, mine is just yahoo , It has been for 5 years, there's no problem with that is there??

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Yes there is.

We have hundreds of members with Gmail and Yahoo addresses.

Some genuine members some not. Some genuine email addresses some not.

When we do a broadcast message with urgent news we get hundreds of bounces, because Yahoo views our

broadcast as SPAM, due the number sent to them at once from one email address/server.

Therefore Yahoo/Gmail Members do not get the urgent news. This could also blacklist our server for spamming.

A good example would be the death of a member when a broadcast was sent to all members.

Hundreds of those emails were bounced from Yahoo/Gmail. Those members did not find out.

Genuine Members will have no problem supplying their real email address as it is secure here.

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For the uninitiated amongst you, let me translate.

If you have an email account that has been perfectly viable on every single forum you have ever used for the last 5/6 years or more, (including being a moderator on here, and two other sites, with the same email address) and it doesn't (miraculously) fall into the rules of the boss man , then you are banned ..

Sorry Kev (And all others too) but thats how it is!!!

This is being used as a method of removing me !!! because I won't be naughty and break the new 2 strike rule !!!!

Will I Mick ?? (Or will I ??)

Lets see how long this post remains ???

(Posted at 4.07 am 28/2/10)

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If its in your mail reader it is a local setting.

If it does on your ISP webmail, it confirms what I said earlier.

I see you have an ISP email on file.


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Completely confused by all this but seeing as I received an Email from you last week regards the website Mick I assume all is OK


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Completely confused by all this but seeing as I received an Email from you last week regards the website Mick I assume all is OK


Yours is fine Rog


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I can see members are updating their email addresses.

Thank you.

You may have to answer a verification email to confirm its you making the change.

If you have problems, PM me I will change it manually.

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