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From your experience Kev it would also appear, that when you change

your email address, it puts you as a validating member until you verify the

new email address from the confirmation email sent to the old email address.

That is why you could not log in.

Therefore if you have no access to your old email address, you cant confirm the new on?

And the board has locked you out. (But we can see a pending change and will now recognise

your proble)

Security measure?

Does that make any sense?

In that case you would need to create a new account and ask for assistance with the old one.

Does that make any more sence than the last paragraph.

Excuse me I have to lie down....

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Looks like it all went smooth in the end Mick.......just thought we'de change it to the 'virgin' one ( that we've never used ) as you say yahoo e-mails reported it bit dodgy.......

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