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I think that one's older than me!

This wasn't in a cracker. Three surgeons were speaking about the members of society who were easiest to operate on. One said plumbers, because when opened up, they were full of pipes of different sizes so if separated, it was impossible to put them back in the wrong place. Another said no. It was electricians, because their internal workings were colour coded so nothing could be easier when replacing their insides. The third said the other two were wrong because the easiest were politicians because they had only two moving parts. The mouth and the arse and they were both interchangeable

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Speaking of crackers - my extended American family (and friends) always thought the custom of pulling crackers and wearing the silly hats was very strange - so I was very pleased to see that in the movie Pirate Radio, they did the same thing!

When I first came to the USA in 1978, crackers were unobtainable - now you can find 'em in Wall Mart!

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Bloody Hell we've given the Yanks one of our traditions, makes a change from Halloween and all these Christmas Lights all over the house !!!


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I'm doing my best Beefy - but it's a big country and they are very slow learners. I'm working on hot tea and fruit cake at the moment!

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Here’s a cracker……..

Q. What did the music teach need a ladder for?

A. To reach the top notes………

Q. What doesn’t get any wetter no matter how much rain falls on it?

A. Water……

I know not great but that’s the best I can do under the stress that I am under at the moment, I will just have to up the dosage.


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