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Popped in for a quick pint last night, seeing only 2 real? ales, (Speckled Hen and Directors Bitter), I only had a swift half.

I chose the Directors but wish I'd just turned on my heels! The beer was hand drawn, but had the distinctive electric pump texture and taste to it, rather like John Smiths Smooth.

Bland, not a great taste, and in my opinion a rip off as a full pint is £2.85, but a half is £1.50!

I noticed 3 other beers between £2.85 and £3.00, and halves were all £1.50, how much extra profit does that make them when folk drink halves!

As for the place itself, it is obviously now really a restaurant with a bar that non diners can use, but unless I feel the need to sample their food, I wont go there again.

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What surprises me the most Craig is punters keep on going back for more.

The food prices keep on going down but the beer prices keep going up obviously to counteract or to offset the price of a meal.

Not been in there lately in fact for several years but when I did last go in, the food was excellent.

If I was faced with a beer price of what you say it is I would forgo the drink and have the meal and if I was really pissed off by the price I would make my feeling known and walk out, after all there’s plenty of places to choose from these days…

Last night in Basford Hall I paid two squid a pint, that was for Worthington smooth, I know not the greatest of beers but better than what was on offer on the pump next door to it…Green King IPA….

Maybe they get a lot of passing trade from the bus stop just outside.


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Old Speckled Hen is not a real ale Craig, it was originally produced by a brewery called Morelands that were taken over and shut down by Greene King a few years a go, putting people out of work, the cheeky sods at Bury St Edmunds where it is now made, try and perpertrate the myth of it being a real ale by even having a so called Morelands web site, this is all a lie and a con.

CAMRA will have nothing to do with Greene King and it's lies, I can understand people being fooled by it, but thats what these brewing criminals try to achieve, don't buy, Morelands, Ruddles, Ridleys, GK IPA and Abbot, and no doubt we'll be seeing something called Kimberley over Xmas, look at the small print on the bottle or can. If you are tempted to buy, just think of the jobs that people have lost due to the relentless need for the directors of Greene King to line their pockets at the expense of other folks misery.

Some people on here think that GK tastes ok, well, maybe it does, but you won't get me drinking their evil brew, support them and the brewing industry in this country will suffer even more take overs and job losses.

When I moved down here, GK was a small East Anglian brewery, now it's spread it's filthy tentacles over the whole country, when I go to Nottingham or even Devon, I don't want to be forced to drink their contrived p1$$, I want to sample a local brew, thats what beers are all about isn't it.

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Firbeck, take a peep at where I put 2 real? ales, there lies a clue!

One, to use a Bipism is led to believe they are real? ales because of the hand pulls, I actually said to the serving wench " Oh, Greene King" and her reply was that it wasn't. Hmmmm.

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