Nottstalgia Rules?

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When I started Nottstalgia, I thought that it would be the type of site that would attract

Mature sensible people, However there is always the exception to the rule?

So I think we will get ourselves some rules for the minority of users who might not

understand that there are certain minimum standard to adhere to.

I could pinch some from elsewhere but I thought it might be nice to have our own

written in the Nottstalgia's own inimitable style.

So instead of nickin em I though I would ask you lot what these rules should include?


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Rules are for the guidance of wise men,and to be obeyed by fools! Can`t remember who said that,but it has always stood me in good stead.

However this seems reasonable:

“There has been a major cultural shift in the way we communicate and document our social lives in recent years, but we have not been taught digital or online manners,” says Jo Bryant, an advisor for U.K.-based etiquette authority Debrett’s, which added a section on social networking etiquette to their “A-Z of Modern Manners” in early 2008.

The No. 1 rule? Treat others with kindness and respect, Debrett’s advises.


Netiquette is about good manners when using online tools. When you become a member of an online community it pays to spend some time learning the rules of that community.

The discussion list you are on will probably be moderated or there will be a designated list owner. This person's role is to ensure everyone on the list feels comfortable with the manner and the nature of the conversations occurring. As a member you should try to be courteous and fair to others on the list. Some basic guidelines include:

  • Don't use the list for personal communications.
  • Keep your posting to the topic of the list.
  • Try to avoid quoting the whole message when replying to a posting.
  • Think about whether your response should go to the list or the author.
  • Be forgiving of others, the list owner should take care of people deliberately misusing the list.
  • Avoid telling someone they made a mistake by posting to the whole list.

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Being an active member in a dozen groups, and moderating in four (three too many!), I'd conclude that those forums with the least set rules are usually the most enjoyable and effective.

Resolving issues which arise has to be the sole domain of Admins/Moderators, but taking account of formal feedback from the members. Members have to able to accept moderating decisions...even whilst disagreeing.

Likewise, crucially important that moderators earn the respect of the membership.

Moderators providing 70% of the bad language/taste within a group doesn't help their cause...

Confident that Nottstalgia events over the last few weeks will now see us moving successfully onward.


Robt P.

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I would suggest:

Be polite.

No offensive language.

No baiting other board members.

That's it - I did like Stan's "Netiquette" though - suitably adjusted to suit the regional "flavour" of Nottstalgia, of course!

Hijacking doesn't bother me too much (guilty, your honor, but...) - often the hijacking adds some fun and can "lighten up" a discussion that gets too "deep". However, in the same vein, those posting in "serious" discussions regarding airplanes, cars, whatever, should be mindful that not everyone has the same level of interest, or expertise in the subject, and should be accepting of simple, or uneducated, posts without deriding or belittling the poster (see "Be Polite").

Just my $0.02

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Just as guilty here! but I do try to keep the aircraft talk down to as little techie as possible (Pity the same can't be said for trains ) .......................................Taxi for a Mr Beefsteak


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Nowt wrong with being teccy about aviation, theres a market on here for it, but look Beefsteak, you clearly fell in love with that Colwick coaling tower and the Tamworth Mail when you were a youth, I bet you had an Ian Allan Combined Volume you won't admit to.

I was thinking of starting a thread on ships, anyone interested, I've got some interesting historic pics.

Isn't that a case of thread sabotage, am I in trouble, I don't want to upset a new order.

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Right from the start, with the exception of the last few weeks I have found Nottstalgia to be ABOVE average in the way its members treat each other compared to many other sites.

That said I concur with the previous posters on this thread.

Might summarize it by simply saying treat others as you would wish to be treated. Doesn't mean we can't disagree on occasion as long as we disagree over issues and avoid getting personal in our responses.

I look forward to staying with Nottstalgia. Great site. Great people.

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Gosh, while I was on the missing list it sounds like I've missed a rough patch.

I think it must be a sign of the times with stuff like this, as the work forum I visit has had problems recently too.

The best thing I can offer is "think before you post". and "treat other members as you want to be treated"

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Quakers tells me the Administrator can read PMs?

So basically nothing is private apart from emails.

ttfn x

I don't know if we can or not, and I don't intend finding out either, as pm's are just that, PRIVATE.

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P.M. stands for Personal Messenger. Not Private Messenger.

The PM system and other facilities of this board are provided as a convenience to members who will usually contribute to its core objectives,

the discussion of Nottingham related topics.

Anyone with a knowledge of the Admin area of this board would know that we do not (currently) monitor members PM's.

However as for any facility provided by Nottstalgia outside its forum area, should they be found to be abused they will be removed.

I am currently considering the future of certain areas of the board due to their recent abuse.

Nottstalgia will remain to be primarily for discussion of Nottingham related subjects.

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Nottstalgia will remain to be primarily for discussion of Nottingham related subjects.

So many important contributors live away from the city and we have a tendency to make comments about where we now live, it's only natural. Are you suggesting that this, as well as personal blogs from non residents, will be frowned apon in the future.

I've been rabbiting on about the weather in Braintree over the past few days, but it's gone on to 3 pages now, it seems to have encouraged various interesting comments from ex-pats from all over the world, not just from Nottingham. It must be difficult to get the right balance, I've thought about doing a blog myself, but in reality, Essex boy chat would be irrelevant in the context of this site, you get enough of it as it is. Keep things as they are, it's a blimming brilliant site, hot and cold, warts an all.

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Speak for yourself!! ;)

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