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I've been missing for a few weeks, only finding time to come visit on the odd occasion.

A couple of years ago, my hubby bought me a DSLR camera, and I'd been using it like I would a point and shoot camera... recently I found an online photography course through the Open University.. 10 weeks of learning how to take photos, and how to edit them in photoshop!

I'd been struggling to keep up, but late last week, I finally got my best 10 images in for my assignment :)

(my favourite is this one from a trip to Blackpool this year, a 30 second photo, taken in lowlight/moonlight. http://www.travelthrutime.com/photo.php?id=1232 - sorry to link it, but I still have yet to figure out how to upload a photo here when I dont have a flikr account)

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I hope you dont mind me posting the image Jonesy.


Its an excellent photograph, but needed a bit of work (for my taste)


I have put the subject on the thirds, and adjusted contras/brightness for a fuller range of tones.

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I use Photoshop 7, it's a professional piece of software and there's loads of free tuition sites on the net, plus hundreds of forum style sites with tips and demos. I bought the software a few years back as I wanted to start a digital photo repair business. Seems I'm too far from towns to make a go of it. I did have a couple of clients, but it didn't cover the cost of the software.

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Cracking shot Jonesy, half way between the two downloaded images would be about right for my taste though.

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I think my final submission one was about midway between the two for brightness and contrast... The one that was on my site was uploaded there before I made my last minute (day before submission) adjustments :) If anyone is interested I'll find one I submitted, and post that (or email to Mick so he can post it )

The rule of thirds is a basic rule of photography, but in this case the sea was more of a feature to me, as the sea was very rough that day, and the very long exposure had smoothed it and given it a strange look and feel, so I opted to put the cloudline on the top thirds line... I just hope the "judges" see it that way... besides, I'm a bit of a rebel, and rules are made to be broken :D

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Nice pics :)

I agree, I'm drawn to the water. While I was on this course, we got into trying out new things and I really enjoyed the longer exposures and night shots, and on a trip with the kids to Blackpool I took advantage of that, and got some great (for me) shots of the illuminations.

I've also found that I dont get so irritated over little things anymore... bonus :)

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