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My favorite;

You'll put a name to the un named bowler .

Bowler, (To Viv Richards after ha had swung and missed a ball) "It's red, it's small, it's round , try and hit it !!"

Sir Viv (To bowler after nocking next ball into next week) "You know what 'im look like, you go find the f***er"

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Can't remember the bowler's identity, but reckon it was some raw - and extremely rash - county bowler, making his debut...perhaps Steve Kirby or Alex Wharf, both ex-Yorks.

Another Oz sledge:

Sydney Test spectator to Phil Tufnell, who was fielding nearby on the boundary...

"Hey,Tufnell...lend us your brain, we're building an idiot..."


Robt P.

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