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Some are pretty, some are ugly, some are pretty ugly.

Never liked having me picture taken at school     Rog

They're all beautiful in someone's eyes.

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I think this is the second year at junior, about 1962, the teacher is Betty Bakewell, my sister in-law. Was odd being having her as a teacher didn't know if to call her Betty or Miss Bakewell? I'm on the front row sitting second from the right.


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This is the only photo I have at the senior school, I think it's the first year 1964 and the teacher is Mr Varney? I've gone up in the world in this photo I'm in the middle row first on the left


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Thanks for that Roy.

Can you narrow down the years at all for us?

You got the file sizes down nicely without too much loss of image quality.

The photo at the seniors there are some Faces I recognise.

Do I see a young Phil Tunnally on the top row?

Do you have any names or anybody else recognise anyone in these ?

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Came Across this old one.

Now come to think of this I remembers Roy's face from school.

I see (top row) (? Woodward)

This is the kind of posting we like a series of school photos over the years.

Any one got any more?

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Hi Rory

I am in your pic on post 3 so obviously we were at the same infants and then Junior School. This is not Collygate mind, its another infant school on nearby Mundella Road which we transfered to at the start of our third year in the infants.

I am the boy without any costume and to my right is Stephen James - the only name I can now recall. I was supposed to be a "boy from Europe". If you look you can see a representation of other countries, notably China but boy was I ashamed of my "costume". Oh well I had a better part than in the second year of infants nativity or Christmas play where I played a dog and I had to carry a white "bone" made of plasticine to my kennel and lie down!

The date is def December 1959. Looking at your other pics of Trent Bridge Junior School I recognize a lot of faces but this is not my form so I am sure you must have been in 1b, 2B etc etc and that would have meant you would eventually get into 4B with the dreaded Miss Slack!

Can you recall the name of the school where this nativity is taking place? By the way - its gone now - just a pile of rubble. I was down the Medders only yesterday on one of my few forays back into Nottingham..also rubble is our old Junior school!

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I think this is the first year at Junior school in 1961. I'm the one on the front row at the extreme left.

Hi Roy,I recognise a few on this photo.Going from right to left,Back row 3rd along whith the glasses is John Hammand,Next to him 4th along is George Falconbridge.Middle row going the same way 2nd along is ME Larry Rigley,Next to me ,3rd along is Peter Hannah,and 4th along is Micheal Allcock,who was then a great friend of mine.I recognise a few more but there names escape me.I have a similar photo but it must be a different year as there are a few different faces.I would have been about 8 yrs old in your photo

Cheers Lazza

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Hi everyone,

I am having a problem getting the attached images to open. (They won't open at all). Is it just me or is it a forum problem?

Regards Paul

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I have put quite a number of TB school photographs on FR. Its a pity there is not more on here from old TB school mates.

Is it a problem putting them on or viewing them?

For those that rememeber- heard from Tony Lander, Arthur Clarke, Kathryn Parr recently.

Kind regards


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Yes, Cliff Ton. I was going to put two Trent Bridge Boys School class photos on. My son sorted out Photobucket for me and wrote the instructions down for me to follow. Following his instructions I downloaded the 'Mighty Fine' photos without any problem. I tried to put the school photos on yesterday but when I right clicked to 'paste' I just got the list of instructions and not the 'paste'.

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From what you've said, I think you are trying to paste using the wrong menu. Check if you are doing this :-

In Photobucket, you get the "Direct Link" from the relevant photo; then when you come back here you click on the "Image" icon above the reply box


where you paste in the "Direct Link" which you got from Photobucket.

The image should then appear in your reply.

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