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You may think that this is an odd subject to bring up on New Years Day, but last night, encompassed by a fog, I stuck Jools Holland on the TV as it seems to have become a bit of a traditional 'See in the New Year' prog on TV. Quite frankly, I found it pretty self indulgent, however, what the hell was Boy George doing on there. A convicted, violent, criminal, banned from appearing in Big Brother, why were the BBC licking his ample backside. For a start, he couldn't sing in tune, he was dreadfull and embarresing, it didn't seem to matter though, it was Boy George, that's alright then, perhaps next year he'll be invited to sing a tuneless duet with Gary Glitter.

Did anyone else see this rubbish.

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Yes I too saw that embarrassing performance by Big Boy George, absolute rubbish, thankfully most of his warblings were drowned out by the clot on the drums, also Tom Jones looked older than his years with his grey beard and hair and mahogany skin.

Happy new year to everyone though


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Boy George was an absolute flop on that program. If it werent for his "backup" singer it would've been much worse. Tom Jones was looking old, but at least he could still sing his own songs in tune (to my ears)

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You must'nt knock our Tom, Rog, he made the decision to stop dyeing his hair and age disgracefully a year ago, unlike many of the singers from that era, Tom is prepared to have a go at singing anything with anyone, does a good interview as well.

The real hero though is Kelly Jones from the Stereophonics, not only does he have a great voice, he can play a mean bit of guitar at the same time, I have all their albums, they continue to produce the goods everytime, take note Boy George, pack in the attempt at trying to sing and enjoy your life as a freak show.

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