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Back in the late 60's (I suppose) I had a mini length rabbit fur coat, lovely it was and it just about covered my hot-pants :laugh::laugh:

I hung onto that coat for 15 or 20 years but never wore it after about 1970 ish.

Eventually I decided to stick it in a black bag with loads of other clothes from my youth and donated it all to the Salvation Army where we lived down south.

I was absolutely thrilled a few weeks later to see a tiny old lady wearing the exact same coat while I was shopping in the market! Because she was so small it was full-length on her. I had no doubt at all that it was my old coat, I recognised the markings on the fur. thumbsup

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On 1/10/2010 at 6:35 PM, A Girl Named Sioux said:

There used to be some great secondhand shops in Nottingham. The original one I remember was Pennyfeathers, near what was the Peel St end of Trent Poly. A really small shop, it moved to bigger [and less rat-infested, from what I remember] premises later, but I can't remember where. It sold a lot of 20s-style stuff, it was like being in your grandma's dressing-up box!

I worked in Pennyfeathers and Gladrags too

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2 hours ago, shirleypickering@hotmail.c said:

I worked in Pennyfeathers and Gladrags too

It is very unwise to post email addresses (or abbreviations thereof) on a public website such as this. There are all sorts of unscrupulous spies around searching and waiting for such opportunities to carry out their nefarious deeds.

Can I suggest that you contact the forum management to change your details?

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