Soul & Motown Fundraiser @The Federation Club

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Following on (yet again!) from the previous two sellout doos, myself and Terry from Boogieshooze Disco, will be hosting another night of great music, to raise funds for The Nottingham Hoods, who, at this moment that I write, are 2nd in the league, brilliant for their first season dontcha think!

The club is on Claremont Rd off Sherwood Rise.

Anyway,as always, tickets and more details via Linda, on 07729 496 491

OOPS!!! I forgot I'd already posted one of these...........hey ho!

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Do they still play American Football??

Why yes they do - in fact the "Superbowl" will be on Feb 7th.

However - in keeping with the subject matter, and since I live only 30 miles from "Motown" - I can tell you "professional" football has not been played here in a number of years. Oh, yes - we have a team - the "Detroit Lions" - but the only records they seem to set are like the one they set last year - for the most games lost EVER!

P.S. - I never watch it - it has to be the most boring game ever invented! It takes FOUR hours to play a one hour game - if they ran the Indy 500 that way, I could win it in my pickup truck!

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Silly me! fool.gif

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I played a bit for a side we put together at Pork Farms in the 80s (when it was all the rage over here) and I still watch the "Super bowl" if I can stay awake.

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