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On 1/5/2017 at 6:36 AM, GARRY MARSDEN said:

his name was steven Hedges who died, and yes the marriots lived next door to the paper  shop and post office. I lived at 70 cavendish road near Buxton Avenue GARRY MARSDEN

Definitely Stephen Etches, he was my father in law's cousin.

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Looking to contact anyone who went to frank wheldon between 71 and 77

Hiya Wendy , I was there for those years too. Did you have Mrs Matthews for Chemistry too by any chance ?? the reason for asking is I was talking to an old mate of mine on Face book the other day and

I don,t if you where there when this boy got drunk during break and he came back to school after lunch and fell off the coal wall he was from the u.a I know that he used to know a girl called rose osb

I went to Frank Wheldon from 70 to 77. I remember Julie Hill, I was good mates with Chris Daykin and Paul Pritchett. I used to be in Wollaton house. My name is Trevor Adams. I lived near the school when it burnt down in the early 2000s. I could see the flames from my house on Westdale Lane.


I lived on Campbell Drive when I was going to Frank Wheldon.

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On 2/5/2010 at 12:09 PM, Wendy fisher said:

Looking to contact anyone who went to frank wheldon between 71 and 77

Hello Wendy


I'm Richard Henry Smith.  I attended FW between 1973 and 1976.  We lived in the Meadows area of Nottingham, but moved to Mapperley after our house was demolished for housing regeneration.  I was in the Wollaton fraternity.  I can't remember you, but it seems strange talking to you after all these years.  I think I've done OK for myself; I live in Southwell now.  Did you know Kerry Downing or Deborah Ike? 


Chat later!



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