The Merry Go Round

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Football Managers, the only job I know where you can totally make a disaster of it get the sack and within weeks another employer will take you on saying how good you are! "Where are you going next Paul Hart"?

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Thoroughly agree Ashley. The Football Leagues with a few exception are a merry go round of failures who obtain a contract to manage a club for 2/3 years and, although dismissed afer six months are generally paid for the length of the contract. However, having said that only one club can be at the top and only 2/3 clubs can gain promotion annually. The rest are often regarded as failures. This season for example, a club like Liverpool, in the top 4 - 6 of the premiership (how I hate that word) all season is regarded by many of its supporters as having a poor season

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Yes but Roy Hodson is a good manager and a thoroughly nice chap to boot!!

He inherited Benitez's mistakes at Liverpool and wasn't given a fair crack of the whip to sort it out !!

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It's not necessarily about winning things , he's kept sides in their relative leagues when they were in dire straights , and won cups with Swedish and Danish teams against their relative peers , in other words , he's won the hardest trophies there are to win in those countries.

He's also kept Liverpool in Europe , so much so that they won their league, and that's no mean feet !! (Or should that read feat ??)

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