Meadows Demolition / Clearance

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Never heard of such a church. St Faiths on Collygate Road still there ( not in its original form ) as is St saviours-still used as a church.

I cant recall any other churches in the old Meadows.

Kind regards


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The Coop Store I remember. I was an apprentice electrician workin on its refurb, late 60s early 70's. Thanks for the memory.

Wilford Crescent West and Wilford Grove still there, just been on google street view of such,

In the years of demolition of the meadows, i worked as a lorry driver for a local haulage company,i was given a job, to load a full trailer load of roofing slates, for a firm that dealt in reclaimed

was going to say told still standing with damage (just pockmarks in stonework) still visible recently but thinking about it was 10 years ago! but that was after the redevelopment so maybe stil there? according to my dad it was same "lone raider" who one mid afternoon also ventilated the gun factory roof and shot up the area around wheeler gate

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Had to look to see if I was in any of those pictures. In 1973/4, I was working for a plant hire firm on Lowater Street on Carlton Hill, and we were involved in demolishing Kirkewhite Street.

Made a nice bit of beer money from the copper and lead we recovered. :)

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At the begining of this topic we are asked to identify the building well for the record half way up on the left hand side of the picture of wilford grove looking up to kirkhwhite st#14 and half way down wilford grove from kirkwhite st looking down wilford grove onthe right hand side#16 just past remaining houses was an entry that went through to bruce grove i lived at the side of that entry and can confirm that the front of the building on #1 was on bruce grove with the rear of the building backing into the cut through to wilford grove a west indian family called the bakers lived to the side i remember noel baker my front door was 28 wilford grove my back door faced the back of page #1 building .Although i lived so close to this building for quite a few years it took me ages to recognise it because it now stood alone and did not look the same. I hope in the future this info might help reconstuct that place most of us loved i never really took much notice of the building and did not know what it was

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On 10/19/2012 at 10:36 PM, smiley said:

Anyone remember Bruce Grove Meadows around the 70s?

I do very well I had the off license on the corner of Mayfield Grove and Ryeland Crescent for 10 years until it was demolished, there was an incident where a lady fell through a glass door in one of the houses, also regular West Indian parties were held in a house on there much to the annoyance of the neighbors. We were friends of Phyllis & Fred Chilton who ran the Crescent Inn. all so nearby was a nursery school on Ryeland Crescent. a Greengrocers, Hackworths butchers also nearby, I could go on forever. 

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