How to keep a new laptop clean?

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I`ve read lots of posts mentioning 'Photobucket' on here.

I googled it and the page said I could just join for nothing.

However, When I got rid of my last laptop because it was taking half an hour to do anything my son said it was partly because I

'Kept downloading rubbish stuff and clogging it up.'

So now I`m trying not to download stuff on to my shiny new laptop.

What advice can you clever people offer me about the Photobucket.

Sorry if this is a silly question - I`m only computer semi-literate.

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First the bad news, your previous laptop was probably perfectly OK.

Unless of course it was out of the Ark?

All hard drives and systems need a good clean out from time to time.

There is lots of free software out there to help you.

There are essentials that you need and they are not hard to download,

install and run.

I am sure you will now get many suggestions, I unfortunately do not

have the time to list them, but they can be found mentioned in other threads.

And it is impossible to browse the internet without downloading Junk.

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Photobucket is a remote website which you can use to 'host' your images on the Internet, Eileen instead of taking up space on your laptop. Bring it up on your web browser and open an account. Click on the below to begin:

Follow the simple-ish instructions and you can keep a lot of images on there without 'clogging up' your own machine.

Good luck!

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Then link your posts here to show the Photobucket hosted images.

The pictures you see in posts here are mostly hosted on photobucket

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You must clean your "cache" on a regular basis, ie history and cookies, if you don't it slows your computer down! I delete the days history and cookies every night before I shut down.

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Good advice John Howd yer do that?

Remember Eileen is new to all this :)

Heres one tip to keep your laptop clear of rubbish.

DO NOT install anything that Says SYMANTIC or NORTON on the box.

Anti Virus Use:

AVG Free - Antivirus Download | Best Virus Protection

Firewall use:

Firewall AntiVirus Software Free Download from Comodoâ„¢

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Thank you so much for all this good advice. I might even try to resurrect my old laptop then.

Could be useful as a back up perhaps and it has still got things on it I might want.

It`s seven years old though, the man in PC World laughed when I told him that.

He said I had to have Norton though, and sold me the thingy to instal it.

I think you`re all very clever.

I`ll have a go at Photobucket, although my photographs do seem to be the ones you take to Boots and get back in an envelope with a new film.

I bought myself a digital camera but I can`t seem to get on with it.

I`ll jolly well persevere though. (My son says that I sometimes suffer from 'learned helplessness'.)

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PC World bundle Norton into their packaged software, usually works free for 1 month then they expect you to buy a subscription. It seems you cannot buy a new laptop/PC with a vanilla version of Windows.


If you old laptop at least works, but slowly, all your image/music media files can be transferred to your new laptop quite easily.

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Just thought I'd show the difference in quality between Photo bucket


And Flickr


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Norton causes so many conflicts!! Used to be good years back, but pros now laugh if you say you use it.

BEST anti virus on the market is Kaspersky! Been using it now for a few months and most certainly will get it again after the years trial is up!!

To clean history, click on history at the top of browser on the menu bar, "show all history" click on each days on at a time, click on "organise" then "select all" then organise, then "delete all" Go through each day until they are all gone.

To remove cookies and the rest of the internet garbage we all pick up, click on "Start" bottom left of screen. "Control Panel" >>> "Internet Options" >>> "Internet Properties">> Click Delete>>>> next make sure that the following are ticked!!!!!! Temp Internet Files, Cookies, History and NOTHING MORE!!!! That's important! then click delete. That will remove all crap picked up on your daily jaunts across cyber space.

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Funny what happens to them things when some body turns that big fan off !!!

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