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What a con!! Today I logged onto GR to have a look around. Haven't been on for months. I was interested to see if an old man I used to communicate a bit with was still posting as he lives in Omeo which isn't too far away from me. Anyway I had a read of the posts & when I saw he was still on the site I decided to send him an email. Well!!!! to be able to do just that I had to join up & it would cost me 19.95 sterling, unreal. My a**e I was going to pay that,how can they quantify that amount. I am already a member of FR so the usual fee would be appropriate I think what about you??

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Where is the love Mick?! You want to start charging for your friendship? Maybe you ought to start an Escort Service!! :P

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Yeah me too Angel, iv'e heard about the early 60's from BIP & Mick but can't remember much myself on account of being so young ;)

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