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Has anyone noticed (and can explain why) that Scottish Football League matches always seem to end first! It's true, check it out, the first results on Final Score are in the vast majority always Scottish ones, don't they play injury time up there? Only ever been to one Scottish match Dumbarton v somebody at Boghead Park (good name for ground!) Always a low attendance and no wonder, along one side of the ground is a big hill, alot of the locals just go and sit on that and watch the game FOC!

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They still only have 10 minutes for half time.

By the way , I've also seen Dumbarton at Boghead Park, November 89ish they beat Arbroath 3-0!!.

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With the weather up here the players get too cold if they stay seated for longer than 10 minutes!!....... !rotfl!

And while I am on,congatulations to Inverness Caley Thistle, back in the SPL after only one season away.Managed these days by Terry Butcher (remember the blood soak head bandage for England)? And their best striker is a Guy called Rooney (Adam, not Wayne).... thumbsup

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If you are cutting it across the trunk in both scenarios, it will take 25 minutes.  Unless this is a trick question?

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