It's Tuesday so it must be liver

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Inspired by the "sandwiches" thread..... probably like many of us of a certain age, I could pretty much tell what day it was as a kid by what turned up on the dinner table.

In our house, it was as follows;


Roast beef/pork/lamb/chicken, mashed taters (new in season) carrots, greens (cabbage, cauli or brussels, occasionally purple sprouting broccoli) peas (fresh in season) and roast taters.


If Mam was home; Sunday's leftover meat warmed up in a pan with gravy, veg and mash.

If there was a whist drive; cowd meat and chips.With Dad's pickled beetroot.


Liver and onions. Occasionally, pigs fry instead of liver.With mash and usually carrots and swede. Haven't seen pigs fry at a butchers in years, asked for it down here and just got stared at!


Sausages (or fishfingers when we got a freezer) egg & chips. Or just egg and chips.


Stew. With dumplings if Mam was in the mood.


As per Thursday only no dumplings.


Pot luck. If we went shopping to Netherfield, fish and chips from Burton Joyce or Dennis's in Carlton. Burton Joyce chippy was horrible, Dennis's much better but by the time we'd got back to Thurgarton (specially at the speed me Mam let me Dad drive) they were always bloody cowd!

Looks very samey and mundane by today's standards but nearly forty years on I'm still fit as a flea. I daresay I was very fortunate inasmuch as Dad grew all his own veg, we certainly didn't starve.

Mmmmmm........ I've gone bloody hungry thinking about that pig's fry!

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What was pigs fry ??

The only things we had regularly would be the traditional Sunday roast, with all the trimmings, (As I've mentioned elsewhere , we were pretty much self sufficiant in vegatables, via Dads allotment)

Mondays were leftovers

On a Saturday it was Ham Cobs with Onion, or sometimes my dad would clean a Crab (OOOer) but always a "Sally Lunn" for pudding.

Friday was very often just as it says on the tin , a fry up !!!

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What was pigs fry ??

Pretty much what it says actually; bits of pork offal (liver, kidney, heart) and scrap bits of belly and bacon, fried up in a pan with onions, drain the fat off, add gravy and simmer.

Seriously unhealthy by todays standards but surprisingly tasty.

Another one from my memory banks; though my dad was allergic to mushrooms, one of his favourite pastimes when going for a walk down the gravel pits was picking bluebuttons, which mam would fry with streaky bacon.

Just done a bit of boiling bacon for me sandwiches last night; nowt like it used to be though, I preferred it when the fat to meat ratio was about 50/50 but now it seems to be more meat and gristle than fat, which I consider the best part.

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Monday and friday was chips and egg......and like any dinner if you're not on time dont get.

And of course you'll remember the other choice you used to get... eat it or bloody go without! !hungr!

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Sunday morning breakfast for my mam and dad was mussels and bacon, when the mussels were in season. I can still see him standing at the sink, cleaning that stringy bit out of the mussel shell. Then they'd be steamed. He then cooked the bacon and thickened the juices from the mussels and put everything together. I for one never joined in this delicacy, you couldn't pay me to eat those mussels. Same with tripe and onions.

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Like many others - Monday was always the leftover from Sunday's roast. If we were VERY lucky, we would get jacket spuds - but it was rare! I suppose the cost of heating the oven to cook the spuds was prohibitive! Anyhow, when we did get the jacket spuds, we had pickled red cabbage and cold roast (typically beef) - delicious!

If there was anything left after Monday, it turned up on Tuesday, usually Shepherds Pie or similar. Wednesdays and Thursdays I don't remember, but Fridays were always sausages and tomatoes - all cooked in the same pan with lots of salt and pepper - with bread and butter!

Sunday breakfast was always cooked by my dad. Always bacon, egg. Tomato if we had them and on special occasions, mushrooms. Sometimes we would get fried bread too! What was it with Dads cooking Sunday breakfast - it seems to be a common Nottingham "thing"!

I'm with you Kath - mussels are still not on my list, nor is tripe with anything - not fond of liver either!

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