All Forum Discussions Are Being Indexed By Google

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This means that any text in our discussions could appear in Google search results.

Google will bring many more visitors to our site, with the possibility of more new members, interested in Nottingham & Nottingham Schools discussions :D

As all members have their own mailbox here, there is no need to post your email address in a forum message as a point of contact.

Like Google spider, other less friendly spiders search Google results and our forum posts, for email address harvesting. (Spam) :angry:

Your email address registered with us is safe. Email & PM member to member is performed by PHP scripts, that only registered members can initiate.

Robots only have 'Guest' status here and do not see the links for email.

We cannot stop the bots, as on the whole they are good for publicity for our site.

Just register your correct email address in your control panel, and do not post you email address in any message.

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