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Anyone who has visited the Spanish island cannot failo to have noticed the

Spanish construction techniques. Note the painter mates chattin up the local crumpet?


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:D He's going to be struggling with that top bit..needs a longer pole, he could borrow his mates no doubt he's got one while he's chattin up the local skirt..

:D It looks to me that the chap up the ladder isn't useing Dulux one coat...

:D What's the point in covering the ground with dust sheets when you're getting the paint on the stonework...looks to me that his mate has already lent the roller on the fancy stonework..

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Well I count at least ten more rungs of extension on that triple extender. Unfortunately

Siesta time was approaching, so I did not think it was worth waiting for

him to get up far enough to put the guttering back up.

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