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Well I have been a member for a week or so and reading posts from others soon got me delving into boxes that have not been opened for many a year. Now I aint’ going to bore you with my family history, suffice to say that up to now one of the earliest documents I have come across is a copy of the birth certificate of my grandmothers second husband, dated 1873. Their address was Kelk’s yard Arnold, can anyone enlighten me as to where it was located.

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A simple Google search on' Kelk's yard Arnold' brings up a reference or two (on the understanding that's not Outlaw99!),_1881_Census_Street_Index_J-L

I have never hear of Kelk's Yard, although I know Arnold pretty well and have done since before the town was changed quite a lot. if I had to make a shot in the dark guess I'd go for one of the several little yards that used to be situated between Front Street and High Street (or 'Back Street' as we called it!) The yards I'm think of were between where Wood Street is (next to The Croft) and Cross Street to the north of there. One of the yards was named Hardstaffs Yard which is basically still there, running down the north side of ASDA down past the Lord Nelson back yard to Front Street.

There a few small streets that were demolished since the 1960s' around that area, Wellington Street (on memory) etc.

Good luck. I'd be interested to know the whereabouts of this myself.

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Thanks for the tip Mega, proves it was there round the first world war but had definitly dissapeared by 1945 when I moved back to Daybrook. Your location is probably spot on as other family members through marriage lived close, off Back Street.

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