Mick Jennings

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I have been notified that Mick Jennings is very ill.

I have managed inform two former class members of this so far, Ken Henstock and Satish Bedi.

I am being kept updated on his condition, and if it is possible that he recovers enough to be visited

by friends or former work collegues I will update anyone who knows Mick.

For further information please PM me

Mick is 4th from left top row in this picture.

post-1-001569600 1281181237_thumb.jpg

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I have just been informed that Mick died yesterday.

His Funeral will be held on 21st September 2010.

I will be attending.

Please PM me for further details.

RIP Mick

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Mark Wheat 4th pupil from right, middle row, has been in touch via FB.

A bit late but...

Micks Funeral was very well attended by his friends and former Notts Police Colleagues.

He was very highly regarded.

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