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Just read an article which says Aussies will do anything to save money,& will lie, steal & seduce to save just a few cents. A newspoll estimated that 1.6 million Australians are willing to swipe stationery from work, & more than half a million have no objection to over claiming on work expense accounts. The poll also found that one in four were prepared to walk out with towels & toiletries,& found that some women wore low cut blouses to get free drinks in bars!! the list goes on & on,just shows what a skin flint lot we Aussies are :o or is this the norm even in ol blighty?? ;)

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mick2me Posted on May 20 2005, 04:29 PM

  The blouse trick might work for me! 

:rolleyes: You're so shallow Mick..LOL..more a arse man myself.. :D

:rolleyes: I think most people take something from where they are staying Hotel/Motel wherever. I find the pens and stationary very tempting. Nicked the odd ash tray but never stole any towels or bath wraps.

B) Women at bars tempting the men to buy them drinks, never seen that but then again i never go into that type of establishment..Give me a nice quite pub with traditional ales low music better still no music and i'm happy...who needs a woman when you have got everthing you want in a traditional pint... :rolleyes:


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