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Does anyone have any information about the so called "restrictions" introduced in April 2010 regarding limiting the use of the travel card to within the City limits?

I questioned this when I wanted to use the card to travel on the Skylink coach from Friar Lane to East Midlands Airport. I was told that travel on this coach was no longer "free" as the journey went outside the city limits!

I cannot get the City Transport to respond to my emails asking for clarification about when and why this "restricted use" was introduced.

This is a nationwide scheme funded by HM Government - surely there cannot be any local restriction introduced by Nottingham City Council.

Perhaps anyone else who has run into this situation can comment or explain please.

I do know that it is possible to use this card in the way in which was intended to travel from say Nottingham city centre to Arnold. At Woodthorpe Drive/Mansfield Road junction at Woodthorpe Park, the city transport buses pass out of the Nottingham City Council area into Gedling Borough Council territory. Does this not mean that the journey has left the city limits then? What is going on and who is the best person to explain this confusion?

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I don`t have any definitive information but I have a Derbyshire Senior Citizen`s travel card and I can travel freely from Derby to Nottingham and then on to the Nottingham suburbs. Haven`t heard of any change.

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can still use the nottingham to manchester bus FOC, re time restrictions, has always been you were charged before 9.30am and manchester bus leaves at 9.15am SO, pay for fare to likes of derby then get a FOC ticket derby to manchester as will then be after 9.30! (driver told me that)

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