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Bored at work so I did this.

Where's this?. An extract from a 1950s map of central Nottingham. Half the road layout has changed, but half is still the same today.

I've blanked out some road and place names which would give it away to easily, but it is definitely city centre


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I'm pretty sure that the two P.H.'s on the left hand side are the Sal' and the Royal Children so that would make those two top left corner roads Hounds Gate and Castle Gate so most of the bottom half of the map would now be taken up by the Broadmarsh Shopping Centre.

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Yep, mr rob t and littlebro have cracked it

The road going across mid left to centre is Castle Gate, and the crossroads is Lister Gate/Albert Street.

The circular bit in the lower centre is the junction of Carrington Street/Greyfriar Gate with Stanford Street going up at an angle. (and I hadn't noticed Drury Hill was just on the edge on the other side)

The church I mentioned on the left is St Nicholas on Maid Marion Way - looking a bit more peaceful back then

So the parts which haven't been ruined by Broad Marsh Centre are still the same

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