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Am I the only Nottingum Thailand? I know it's hard to leave the home town but at least on other native must have turned up here.

Froggy i have a restless son (one of many) who has travelled the world,and he mentioned the other day how he fancies teaching Engish over there,how would he go about it?

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I TOLD HIM THAT TODAY CLIFF TON,but he never takes much notice of me or things like that,believe it or not he was once put on a plane in ALBANIA at gunpoint,must take after his mother.

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I have lived in Thailand (Chiang Mai) nigh on 14 years

went to NSAS in 1954 but Christmas 1955 my guardian grandmother died and it was 8 months in Hastings before joining the British Army as a child soldier and serving 9 years  ---- several years in the UK and then as a GBP10 assisted pommie to Australia (Qld) and at retirment age to Bangkok and Thailand

NSAS sent me beautiful B&W photos when I had to leave so suddenly and events moved so fast that I was never able to keep in touch for good friends were made there - the teaching staff but Rodney Graham and Neal (who used to play dream of Olwen) are the only immediate recall names

I am 75 now !!   and it is 60 years - Regards to any that remember me (and others too) I lived on the Broxtowe Estate

Ian Cragg

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