Bennerley and Bulwell Railway

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Does anybody have any information on the long abandoned route from Bulwell to Bennerley via Kimberley. I know that it left the MR Nottingham to Mansfield line at a location just to the north of the present day Highbury Vale tram stop, crossed Coventry Road, Bulwell and pretty much followed the course of Sellers Wood Road before continuing to Watnall and Kimberley. Apparently there were sidings which joined the line that served Sankeys Brickworks and Bulwell Colliery. Photographs of the line are something of a rarity and if anybody has or knows of anybody who has images of the line including the stations at Kimberley and Watnall then I'd be grateful to hear from you. I have visited picture the past and can only find a couple of Kimberley and only one of Watnall. Any help would be much appreciated. Cheers in anticipation

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Nice to see a newcomer drop in

You've come to the right place for answers on subjects like that

Take a look at this thread on these forums


It might start off on a different subject, but half way through it becomes interested in what I think is your chosen subject

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Theres pictures of the bridge over cinderhill rd on picture the past also (I think) you can still walk on kimberley station site? could last time I was there anyway. Both that railway and the GNR routes to similar towns seems to have vanished as if never there after crossing cinderhill rd until watnall, was not so long ago told cutting into the tunnel on GNR (Bulwell end) can still be found (not by me though!!!!!) Another railway worth a trapse is remains of the former pit line from cinderhill pit, it crossed the "old" A610 to a junction with a line leading up to broxtowe pit and beyond running at back of eltham close, that route is still there as a country walk, other side of the junction it crossed bells lane via a level crossing to run at back of embassy tyres etc, that part can still be walked to Broxtowe Lane, the bridge there is of course gone but you can get out onto that road then back on route to melbourne rd, further remains can be found on melbourne park and end of that seen from western boulevard, I think latter rd built on route of the line as far as crown island where it joined nottingham canal after crossing MR trowell line via a + junction, I know strayed from topic, but maybe of interest?

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courtesy of google earth heres the same view today-


it looks like the house at the end lost its driveway and garage when the bridge went

and using the old map overlay site heres the route of the line over the modern streets-


this shows how the top end of sellers wood drive has been built on the old trackbed

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Hi Phil, The route of the GNR can also been seen on that map at Garton Close, for some way each side of Cinderhill Rd it's obvious but after a certain distance northwest? of that it seems it could have gone anywhere? a result I think of slag heap levelling etc? don't think I've ever seen photos of the route around here towards Watnall Kimberley etc, would be interested to see a overlay map of this area, Was told there was also a tunnel top end of Snape Wood Rd on the old Bennerley line?

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