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Hi folks,I am looking to hold a COLMANS'aka CLINTON ROOMS reunion in the spring.Did you go there way back then? Sneak in on ‘grab a granny’ night? Or were you one of the glamorous ladies and there were plenty, come on, ‘fess up! Maybe you were one of the more sedate Saturday or Sunday clients? Do you recall me? I bet I knew YOU! I was a regular & probably danced the barn dance with you. It was quite a place and is missed even today. My new book THE DAYS OF WINE AND POSEURS! takes you back to those long gone days.Where are you now Oz, John, Graham, Berny, Steve, Tony, Farmer Giles? Jackie, Molly, June, Micki, Jenny & Sylvy? All well I hope. I am because I’ve just had the most exciting 18 mths of my life due to the books I‘ve written about my life in Nottingham during the past decades and the texts, emails, letters and phone calls from you saying how I’ve invoked such memories in you all. I talk about life ‘way back when’ in your libraries, ‘stutes & other social groups and its been great fun meeting up again with folk I’ve not seen for years & at times I’ve been saddened (and shed more than a few tears) to learn that some of us didn’t make it this far. I’ve taken you back to a war torn St Ann’s of the ‘40’s in YO’D MEK A PARSON SWEAR!, ‘50’s Broxtowe in ‘YO’D MEK A PARSON SWEAR AGAIN! & ‘60’s ‘Hyson Green and Clifton in ‘BOG ALL TO SWEAR ABOUT!’

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