Needed, one new manager

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That's ridiculous, he's been given no chance. Five wins from thirteen games for a newly-promoted side?

Where will this madness end. I often ponder on what Cloughie once said, 'If a chairman sacks the manager he initially appointed, he should go as well'. Not that it's as simple as that.

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Martin O'Neill has been seen down the lane, walking his dogs near his house! (sorry)

Anyway any advice on the following?

Dear Mr Trew,

with regard to the vacuncy for a manager, after successfully managing whitemoor wanderers I had a season with Kasiyaka Goztepe A S Izmir in the islamic league Turkey and never lost a match, however as it was the holiday season we never played one either, but all I'm asking is a chance, (plus 3 year contract at £350,000 pa)

Ashley Mustapha Fag

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Ask him if you can take your fat mate along who'll sit on the bench and shout abuse at the opposition!!

Free entry to all games , and a company car required !

Plus a baby sitter for my rug rats

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They still wear black and white and the club where the rotten stand burnt down was the sh*tty ground across the river.

I know that Nottingham Forest had a big fire but, years before, NC had the same thing happen. On a much smaller scale, of course. The stand was really rotten. A friend of mine leaned against the outside wall a few weeks before the fire and the wood gave way against his weight.

When I was at Primary School, the support for those teams was roughly evenly split and NC was as popular as Forest. The first match I ever saw was at the NC ground. None of us understood why football clubs deserved the fierce support that we gave them in the playground. We had some really stupid rows about it. If that was happening in other schools, it may have been the beginning of the trend that has put off so many from taking an interest in the game nowadays. It's probably not the same issue in Nottingham as it was when both teams were doing well.

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OH NO II !!!

My post of 06/06/10:

"...Relief too, that the local sports columns have been spared a very one-dimensional Burley or, most especially, that consistent managerial failure Ince, who has proved - time and again - to be as much use as Anne Frank's drumkit..."


Robt P.

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Is that Alex Rae? if so he owes Notts, remember him coming on as a sub in some game against Notts and turned game around scoring the winner, no idea of year or match but something important, no doubt one of notts's many relegation comfirmed or exit from play off games! As regards Ince nothing to do with his colour, but something about his face puts me off,lol, might be a great manager and a nice bloke but just get that feeling! Platt and Pleat do the same, funny innit

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Played about three times for the Reds under Cloughie, but they fell out after JS took the youngsters on a binge.... Allegedly !

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Only ever met Mark Crossley once and he was a right arrogant SOB, it was in the old Black Orchid, I was having a natter with Steve Stone (Lovely Bloke) and Crossley walked up and said words to the equivalent of "What are you talking to this fool for?" Stoney told him to "Eff off, he's far more interesting than you"
Made my year that did!

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