Notts County – Graveyard of Managers

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Hope hes ''in the mood for dancing''...........

For all leagues, surely promotion and relegation should only be applied in cases of mathematical certainty. The rest should just be null and void and start afresh next year

Well done Notts, enjoy your trip to Wembley.

  • 11 months later...

And another one bites the dust !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Well it was nearly a year this time !

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Deary me.

I'm not sure whether I'm surprised at this news or not. Curle seemed to come out of left field when he came in. It felt almost like Trew had him lined up for while. If so, he's turned on his manager pretty quickly. He does seem fairly ruthless though.

Personally I thought he was the wrong choice at the time and I've been unimpressed with him.

Both Nottingham clubs are looking a bit of a joke in this area of late.

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I've a little tale to add that may seem a bit daft but here goes.

On friday whilst in Nott'm for the funeral I bumped into somebody I used to go down Meadow Lane with from day one in the 1969/70 season. He's been to almost every single home game since then and an awful lot of the away ones too.

He was always a bit of a 'wide boy' so anything he's told me on our meetings in latter years has been treated with a pinch of salt, one of his previous tales being that he 'had the ear' of Ray Trew, and was that 'well in' with him that he even went to the Juventus game with him !!.

Anyway as I said I saw him on Friday and asked if he was going to Hartlepool, his reply was "I'm not going to another game till they get rid of that w4n*5r of a manager, he lost our best player for a start (Meaning Lee Hughes) He even had the chance to sell him for £100,000 but lost him for nowt in the end !"

I, jokingly said to him that he should tell Ray of his feelings, he said he had .

Lo and behold.................!

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Well blow me , did they, wow, I didn't know that !.............. slywink

And just about every other media outlet going too !! (The daftest thing is , it ain't really a strange coincidence, seeing as how they're both forwards , and as such should be expected to score, and they have both scored in the same game before !!

Now if it were the keeper and a short arsed central that scored defender then it could be concidered a coincidence

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35 seconds actually !!

So if you want to spout off the odds get your facts right first ...OK.................. slywink

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Can't get Radio Nottingham during a match on line now (FA claim it's their coverage, Notts County claim it's theirs too !)

How did you get that Red , pay for it?

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Ah , not got one of them , i must invest , if it means i can listen to the footy again.

I see Notts are winning on possesion/ shots/ corners etc at half time , so it may be good news in the second half, but I'm not going to hold my breath!

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I've just read that Notts County have appointed Chris Kiwomya as their caretaker manager. He has no experience in League management but they say he's enthusiastic and could make the job his own. That's alright then, I'll bet the fans will be ecstatic with the news they're getting a new manager who has never done it before.

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