38 central workshops chilwell

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I started in the workshops as a labourer aged 15 in Sept 1965. The Monday after the Jubilee year open day 1915 - 1965. After one year i started my apprenticeship in the training wing of the workshop. Moved into the main workshop after one year, moving to different sections of the workshop ie Tinsmiths,assembly section,engine section and Vehicle lines. Ended up working on the fv 432 line then moving on to the Chieftain tank line in 1975.

We also played Football and Cricket for the workshops playing other Depots around the country.

I could go on for ever, so if anyone wants any info about the depot contact me *****************.co.uk

Email address deleted as it keeps the address safe from spammers etc!

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I didn't work there 'cause I think it closed before I reached working age, and I've never known anybody who worked there, but I have one memory of the place.

When you went along Nottingham Road past the depot, you crossed a bridge which went over the railway line connecting the depot to the outside world

This is the view you got from the bridge


and as a kid who was easily impressed, I always used to look to see if there were any tanks hanging around.

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I used to deliver Crawfords Biscuits there in the sixties...about the time a local coal supplier got prosecuted.

His waggons got signed in at the weighbridge...then drove straight through to the exit weighbridge,where they passed

envelopes stuffed with money to the bent guard who let them through fully loaded.

A nice little earner until an area inspector spotted what was going on.

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In the early 1980s I was working in Long Eaton and every day I used to drive past what remained of the depot (it was half closed down and half surviving).

For several months there were a pile of anti-nuclear demonstrators camping outside the entrance on Nottingham Road. I think they were there in sympathy with the Greenham Common lot who were upset about Cruise missiles.

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Hello everybody my name is John Kanno I worked there at the depot from 1977 to 1981 as an electrical apprentice had many friends. I lived in Long Eaton but moved to the United states in September of 1981 but still come back since I have family still in the area. I went to Long Eaton Grange school, then on to Roper and Long Eaton Grammar School. 

I remember working in quality control and actually getting to drive the Chieftains as a kid it was the best thing.


If anyone remembers me I am ok with the site admin giving my e-mail address on request.


Its still home 

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I worked at 38 Central Workshops Chilwell in the early seventies. I worked for QAD (FVE) part of the job was checking if the rebuilt FV432's and Chieftain's conformed to specifications as well as sorting out engineering errors in the stores stock.

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served my there starting in 66,left 75 to in merchant navy 

the last 2 years there i was in the test house,normally on meteor’s & meteorites 

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