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Correct me if I'm wrong but wasn't it off plains Road, Mapperley. Not sure if it was wells road or ransom Road.

Always remember me mum getting riled when we kids were 

Playing up. She would say, "Yo kids are gonna put me bleddy  St.Annes". I think it was a hospital for people with mental problems.

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I think this has been mentioned before, but there's a website with a  massive amount of information about many of the Nottingham hospitals.

Like Ashley, I was born in that area, and also walked up and down Nottingham Rd, sometimes four times a day, to and from Claremont school in 1967, but never recall seeing any thing like that. The onl

Hi. I've just come across this thread after doing a Google search. I know it's 4 years out of date but I may be able to help. When I was a child I had nervous tics very badly and I was under a child p

While growing up (yes I Did) i can remember three hospitals for the mentaly ill patients, 

1 /  Was the Coppice Hospital  which was Ransom Rd Mappley now Ransom Rd was renamed Coppice and goes from the bottom of St Ann's Well Rd up to Woodbrough Rd.  I can remember going to Coppice reck and across the road from the reck, was the former gardeners lodge which before the gardeners lodge it u3/sed to be the hospital lodge also known as Hine Lodge. The hospital was remened Hlne Hall. 

2/ Also I can remember what we called Mapperley Hospital this was top of Gorden rd and enterance came on to Porchester Rd. 

From memories the fisrt one was for really bad paients and the second one was for the no so bad ones.

3/ not sure if there was a 3rd just seem to think there was.

A member brought up the subject of Childrens homes, 

The one that I can recall was called Gorden Boys home on Crammer St it says that it was for destitute boys of all ages. Founder in 1958 in Moved to Alexandra Park, the old building is now student accmodation. Gorden Homes first set up 1885 Shakespesr St. 

I think that I have all the info right if not please feel free to tell me.

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