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I remember the number plate being on the Corniche I did lots ofJensens they were a nice motor good bird puller I was working on one in the showroom and when I turned round there was a woman standing

I had a thames camper in the sixties me and my mate put a four speed gearbox in had the same problem we put a separate lever in between the drivers legs You had to make sure you were in neutral before

Not really relevant to this thread but to those who know about my ordeal with my first car, Pixie, the C3. She was bought from me on Tues for £150. I didn't want anything for it other than to no longe

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When you were at Truman's, did you know anyone at Atkeys next door?. I went to Atkeys as an apprentice,69_70. I think the foreman in the 'mini clinic was Alex ?????, Can't remember his surname. Wish I'd stuck to my apprenticeship, but got tempted by more money to go and work for a guy down under the arches on Arkwright st. Lost out big time!!

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On 11/1/2013 at 1:28 PM, plantfit said:

There was always a cartoon type advert in the NEP for Shipsides, drawn by a guy named Keith Armstrong, He signed his cartoons "KARM"

Very nice chap, he was in the NEP a few years back for having a "pet" fox. I believe he lived in the Bestwood lodge area.

Would be nice to see those cartoons again if anyone has a picture or copy of the NEP from the 60s/70's



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Never owned a Austin or Morris but back in 1960's almost bought an Austin A40 as a first car but then I saw a Triumph Herald with its walnut dash, pale grey with red upholstery. It served us well until some clown hit us bang on the nearside rear wheel, it was repaired but somehow never felt the same on the road. Ended my time in the UK with a Ford MKII Cortina. First company car I drove from the pool was an olive green Ford Granada Ghia 3 litre, glad I wasn't paying for the fuel.


The automotive components company I worked for in Oz bought cars in proportion to the sales it had with major OEM's. Best car I had there was a top of the line Nissan Skyline with a silky smooth and very willing 3 litre straight six. As the family grew we needed a bigger car so ended up with Ford Falcons until just before I left they gave me a Holden Commodore, very poor build quality and bits of interior trim were always falling off.


For those on here that have been in Oz General Motors have just announced that they are exiting Australia so the Holden brand is no more. 700 jobs will be lost at head office and probably thousands more as all the dealerships close or downsize to service facilities only.


From being able to design and manufacture a car from the ground up, thanks to the economic rationalists, we now have only a few component manufacturers left. I wonder what we will do if we are ever involved in any major conflicts, a couple of months supply of fuel for cars, trucks and aircraft,

no tyres and more importantly no skills.

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On 11/19/2015 at 2:38 PM, meeowed said:

can you remember gorse hill garage now a mini market it was run by two brothers who constantly argued and somewhere in between there and wheelhouse the maggot farm The chap who ran it had an old ex wd Hillman pick up and it was alive all over the floor and everywhere they refused to look at it because of the stench years ago I had a similar experience with a Bedford doormobile they sometimes sheared the steering column gear lever off usual procedure was to clamp a pair of mole grips on the column and drive it back I jumped in to be met with an horrendous stink you could not get a breath it was full of pig swill the boss would not let it in the garage Meeowed



Yes, I remember Gorse Hill Garage, I was born just opposite and watched it being built just after the war when I was a kid! The owners were Dennis Miles and Bill Allen (not brothers) and you are right, they did not get on well! They used to let me do odd jobs around the garage and gave me a lifelong interest in cars.

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Gorse Hill garage used to sell Howard rotovators. My uncle bought one for his smallholding. I still have it in working condition at the back of my garage. Chick Wheelhouse also had it. I remember having a test drive in a Lotus there. Its now some sort of minimart with a car wash.

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Sign of the times.


The site on Loughborough Road, West Bridgford, which used to be B & K Thomas (and later various Ford dealers, and even later all kinds of odds-and-sods) has just opened as a Tesla dealership.



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On 8/9/2018 at 8:10 PM, fogrider said:

well, I've just learnt more about the Rolls Royce owner, this may go back too far for Nottstalgians !  ! 

The mans name was George Henry Neale, Kegworth address. His involvement with Cripps was apparently in the mid thirties so I rather think that is specific research. 

Definitely on the heavy plant side, Scammels are mentioned as well as Abbey Lane.

Hello! Please tell me more! The Rolls-Royce you referred to has just been restored and now lives in Surrey. I am writing an article about its restoration for The Automobile magazine so I would like to learn as much as I can about it. The owner does not use the internet so has not undertaken much research himself, but he has obtained original factory records from the Rolls-Royce Enthusiasts' Club which confirms it was ordered through R Cripps for Mr. Neale. I am working to a very tight deadline so I would be grateful for a quick response.

Many thanks,
Zack Stiling

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Zack, I can't remember what that was all about, I was looking into a few things at the time, Cripps, Dakins,  there must be a few more responses to look at but I can never find anything on here, maybe some of the regulars with the expertise to point you to the original discussion will chime in ?

Apologies and regards, 

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The Search facility on this site can be a bit confusing, but this might help.  It's best if you're using a desktop computer, or at least a laptop.


Look at the top right corner of the home page - under where you log in.


Put Cripps (or whatever) in that box. It will list all instances of the word appearing.

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On 5/18/2015 at 8:14 AM, ceeaych said:

He good friend Everett Kirk painted his cars on site...Tonys son .Paul has a car sales pitch in Hucknall..

Hi are you related to Stan Sharpe ? 

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