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Am reasearchin my family for a book I am writing.

Thomas PERRY born 1788 married Ann Walker in Lenton in 1808

They had 6 children; William Henry, Alfred, Mary Ann, Frances, Reuben and George

I am descended from William Henrys side.

The Perrys were big in lace in the 1800s. They built the big factory known as The Boulevard Works

Any help greatly appreciated


Michael Perry

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A bit late in the day but you may still get to read this if's it's of any help whatsoever!  In 1970 I worked for Mrs Perry (widow) who had a lingerie factory on Russell Street.  The top 3rd? floor was the pattern cutting room - Delia did the laying up of the material and then cutting out the pattern. Samples were made up by Janet the machinist - a lot of the samples were for M&S - the label in the under garments were Perrico.  Mrs Perry's son John did the ordering of stock.  I think they lived at Lowdham.  The ground floor was the office and a small canteen. The first floor was the machinists/ironing & packing dept.  The second floor was a different company making lace items such as dolls in pretty dresses, night dress cases etc.   I know because I used to go every morning collecting the orders for bacon or sausage rolls for break time!

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Great example of delayed response !


Unfortunately MJPerry who made the original post hasn't been back here since 2010 so I suspect he might not see your reply, but it's the thought that counts. This might be the same person.



I wonder if he ever wrote his book.

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