Manvers Secondary Modern School, Carlton Road

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On ‎05‎/‎11‎/‎2016 at 0:26 AM, Drabmuloc said:

...........and, I am delighted to note.......I am no longer a Newbie....I'm a Member!

So glad you managed to get your self some bowls as I said once you start playing you get hooked If you are playing at Alfreton indoors center then they will close around April, then its all out doors for some fresh air, if your interested in playing outdoors contact me, it would be nice to have a new member, you can have 4/5 roll ups free to see if you like out doors. 

PS its our bowls AGM 11th if interested contact if not cant blame you as its just a load of waffle. 

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Also sorry drab about your pal,and as Jill says don't give up on the site,I've been on here three years now and have mentioned dozens of old school mates,even school photos, and very seldom have I had

#65   Pales into insignificance when you think about the squillions of former girlfriends he's mentioned!  

Not everyone who recognises that photo is going to be seeing it within a few days of it appearing on here. Sometimes a new member will add a comment to a photo several years after it has been posted.

I attended Manvers Secondary Modern school from 1955 until 1959

I was in Mr Ashmore's class, a first rate teacher who left and emigrated to Canada in 1957/58

Our class taught by him was form 2T2 and I have clear recollection of him inviting the whole

form to a Christmas party at at his home at Lamcote House, Radcliffe-on-Trent in 1956.

I also have clear memories of our then music teacher, Mr David Lumsden, an extremely talented man

who in addition to teaching, became  the choirmaster of St Mary's church in the Lace market,

and then became head of music at Southwell Minster, before carrying on to even greater things.

Mr Ashmore was succeeded by  Mr Holmewood as our form master and Mr Lumsden was succeeded by Mr Hawkins

as our music teacher. I recall also a Mr McGowan, who taught history, and I remember him possessing a strange

trait where when we copied dialogue into our excercise books from the blackboard, the text was always supported by a little

drawing at the end of each line of text in colour, which he insisted we copied also!

Our art teacher, Mr Musgrove,  bought me my first Nottingham Forest exchange for a

spare ticket I had obtained for the Nottingham Forest v Aston Villa FA cup semi final, played at Hillsboro, Sheffield the year

Forest won the FA cup!

Mr Lumsden also took the school choir to perform at the Royal Albert Hall, Nottingham in a Nottingham school choirs contest

where we sadly came last.

Can anyone recall the name of the school houses of which there were either four or six, but I can only recall:

Hudson, Shackleton and Willoughby & Scott.....(were there more?)

Does anyone recall English teacher Mr Edwards, who staged a Shakespearean play at Christmas, and which seemed to

involve a substantial number of lads for acting, and scenery construction.

The first one was 'The Merchant of Venice', in which Mr Edwards himself played the role of Shylock, and excellent it was too.

The following year 'The Tempest' was staged in which both Mr Edwards and Mr McKillop, the metalwork teacher both took acting roles

with similar success.


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The Hogarth school was in fact infants and juniors but before Manvers on Carlton Road was built the old Manvers was attached to Hogarth, when the new Manvers was built students came from St Ann's, Carlton, Netherfied, and lots more places

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Hello limmy73. Just catching up on the website when I spotted this. I was also at Manvers in the late 50's. As regards the school houses there was six of them. They were (with their colours) Hudson blue; Shackleton Red; Willoughby yellow; Scott Green; Frobisher purple and Ross  orange. The art teacher Mr Musgrove had a brother Malcolm, who played for West Ham. To say it was a secondary modern school it was brilliant with facilities that most grammar schools couldn't beat. Hope the house names rings a few bells

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On 19 July 2016 at 2:27 PM, Drabmuloc said:

Manvers was a bi-lateral school when I was there. Somebody mentioned a trip to the Alps. Was that the same trip I went on to Interlaken in Switzerland. I have fond memories of marching up a wooden bridge, built into a huge rock, on our way to Grindlewald Glacier. Wanting to visit Jungfraujoch, but, at £10 a ticket (20% of my spending money!) I couldn't afford it. Went up ten years ago and it now costs £100, but, so worth it! Playing in the snow at Schynige Platte.........if I go on I will start crying! Happy memories!

I was on that trip and still have photo of the group taken at Midland Station by the Nottingham Evening Post , Mr Ashmore and Mr Etches where our teachers on the trip Mr Etches had his wife with him. Some journey to get there train to the ferry then train in France to not sure whether we arrived at Balse or Berne

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1 Manvers school built around 1950s boy only school

2  joined   with Pierrepoint  girls 

3/ then Manvers bilateral 

In 1995 it closed doors


St Ann's Well Road Board School was at one time a board school      and peope do call it Board schhol or just St Ann's school. 

if any member wants to know more then take a look at 

st anns pre demolition page



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On 6/12/2016 at 1:15 AM, mary1947 said:

Hi to you old Manvers boys.

I am just making notes of your topics, master went to Manvers in the 50s and he used to tell me about Corky we did have a photo of some Manvers boys when the trip went to Alps unfortunately some one ask if they could loan it and we have not seen it since. At the moment master is in noddy land will let you have more info later.



Hi Mary1945 Just wondering if your Master is Ronald(Knocker) Dawn? Lived on Cardale Road

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