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During one of my education visits (decades ago) to various industries I visited Derby rail works, where they were setting up rolling stock bogies. They showed there had to be a compromise between freedom of movement and friction in the bogie mounting to prevent 'hunting' of the bogie within the rails. Maybe something like this needed doing on the old loco, Fogrider.


Meanwhile, nothing to do with bogies; Fascinating factoid. One day as a kid I was biking near a railway with my Dad, I could hear an approaching 'clank-clank' noise. Dad, 'You know what that is, lad'.   Me: 'no'.   Dad; 'it's a Greasley knock'.   Me: 'oh?'.   Dad; 'it's when there's play in the rods'.

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This is what I was trying to add... On model railways...This is a picture of my late son driving a 5" gauge 0.4.0 Diesel shunter at Tonbridge MES, back in 1989. The fella on the back was his test

You mention the smell of smoke Brew. When I joined Tonbridge model engineering society in 1988, the smell of smoke and hot oil brought memories back. We ran 5" and 3 1/2" gauge steam locos on an eleva

Another possible reason for No 10 being there may have been to work the Colwick - Kings Cross  freight which ran nightly  in the week in those days. It was usually a job for  an A1, so No 10 would hav

          Yes, the P2's had a few issues, problems with the leading bogie led to serious faults occurring with their driving wheels, bearings running hot and even some cracks in the axles. I am not aware of any derailments occurring with this class although that doesn't mean it didn't happen. Only six loco's were built to work expresses between Edinburgh and Inverness, whilst powerful they lacked top speed. The V2 had the same leading bogie, these however were modified after a couple of derailments. Whether it was because they were seen as a non standard locomotive, they weren't modified. Edward Thompson decided to rebuild them as 4-6-2 locomotives.

        Am not aware of any problems with bogies fitted to A4's, though that isn't to say an odd loco didn't have issues when overdue works repairs. If the loco was bouncing around like you say, bet the fireman threw his shovel out the pram when they reached their destination.

      However, there was a locomotive rebuilt from Gresley's hush-hush experimental loco. Externally it resembled an A4. From a distance it would have been difficult not to think otherwise, it had a 4-6-4 wheel arrangement and never carried a name. This loco did have an issue with its leading bogie, causing a derailment around Peterborough area. This was earlier, mid 50's and the loco was repaired. 

     This could be coincidental, but this locomotive was withdrawn in 1959 as it required works attention. Wonder if it's front bogie problem had resurfaced? If my memory isn't playing tricks, I think the rear bogie was actually two single axle bogies, and not one with two axles.

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Comp1038.jpg Catching up with my reading I came across the post from DJ360, 13,5,1920,, referring to 'coloured engines' especially the Midland Compound No. 1000. I was a fireman back in the 1950's and one August Friday afternoon in 1956 my driver & I were sent to Derby Shops,  not the loco., to bring back to Nottingham MPD Compound 1000 ready to work a 'special' on the Sunday. I was told the 'before' photo was taken in 1955, as she's still hauling a local passenger train that wouldn't be a bad record for a 1902 built engine! I have to admit that for almost 50 years I thought I was the 'first' fireman to take charge of the restored engine until I googled Midland Compounds when doing my blog "My Best Trip" and found I was down in the teens, I'd even bought a Hornby Dublo model of No. 1000 as a memento! Oh well, memories!

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