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does anyone remember "Uncle Ernies",the pawnshop on Carlton Road,junction of Handel Street.When i was about 4 mother used to take dads best suit in to pawn on a monday morning,and redeem it on Friday for dad to wear at weekend.

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I have a vague recollection of a big black door and barred dirty windows!! It didn't have the "Three Brass Balls" outside though , did it?

Eyup Carlton Lad by the way.

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The Carlton Road shop was not to my knowledge ever called "Ernest Whiting & Sons".

The property eventually comprised of 27, 29 & 31 Carlton Road plus the "back shop" in Handel Street & the three gold balls pawnbroker sign was above the door to 31 Carlton Road, although the pawnbroking side of the business was exclusively ( at least post WW2 ) conducted in the back shop on Handel Street,

The business was started by my great grandfather John Whiting, and traded as "John Whiting & Sons" At the height of the business there were 6 shops at various locations around the eastern and northern edges of the city.

"Uncle Ernie" was my grandfather but this was his shop persona, His real name was Arthur Ernest Whiting, and within the family he was always referred to as Arthur, When he died about 1958/59 "John Whiting & Sons Ltd " was dissolved and my father ( also Arthur ) traded on his own account at the Carlton Road property as "A R Whiting Ltd" until 1970 when the businees was sold ( to a motorcycle dealer ) . The Carlton Road property plus the Handel Street shop remain as a unit, and are now occupied by The Renewal Trust. I was amused to note in July 2013 that the internal bars on the windows on the upper floors ( necessary for security reasons to ensure the safety of the unredeemed pledges ) were still in place.

After 1958/59 the other 4 remaining shops ( the one in St Anne;s Well Road was closed, I believe in 1956 ) passed to my great uncle Eric and his family and traded as *E Whiting & Sons".

Arthur Ernest & Eric were half-brothers ( both sons of John Whiting ) and I can understand how the misunderstanding about the name of the Carlton Road shop could arise, with Arthur Ernest being known to his customers as Uncle Ernie, and post 1959 there being shops in the outskirts of the city trading under the E Whiting name,

Hope that sheds some light on the matter,

Garry Whiting

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On 1/18/2014 at 3:17 PM, garrywhiting said:

as "A R Whiting Ltd" until 1970 when the businees was sold ( to a motorcycle dealer )

If I have got the right place, it was 'Clark's ' who were previously on Alfred st central!!

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